Changes To Make In Your Diet to Boost Your Metabolism

some kickass ways to boost your metabolism system

Your metabolism is used to burn calories and fat, and is faster in some people than others. You can change your diet and eating habits to increase your metabolic rate, which is the rate your body burns these calories. Very few people have a fast and perfectly functioning metabolism, so there are a few changes you can make to your diet and lifestyle to help it run quickly and smoothly.

Always start the day with breakfast because you will be less likely to binge eat later. Eating a well balanced morning meal of proteins, complex carbohydrates and calcium will get your body and metabolism moving and keep you fuller longer.

Drink coffee. The caffeine in coffee stimulates your body including your heart and central nervous system to keep you awake and keep your body functioning and burning calories. Caffeine has been known to jump-start metabolism and give you energy to power through your day.

Eat frequent, small meals throughout the day to boost your metabolism. If you eat small, healthy snacks throughout the day, you will help keep your blood sugar levels steady adn your metabolism running smoothly. Eating more frequently will keep you metabolism going throughout the day because food provides your body with the fuel it needs to function properly and burn calories.

Hydration is essential to your metabolism and body functioning. Our bodies are 80% water, so as long as you are hydrated your body will not feel the need to hang onto the food in your stomach. One major change you can make to your diet to boost metabolism is to drink as much water throughout the day as possible. Staying hydrated is essential to all bodily functions including metabolism. Even better, drink ice water because your metabolism will have to kick into high gear to warm that water up to be body temperature, burning twice as many calories.

Another diet staple important for boosting metabolism is the nutrient omega-3. Eating fish like tuna and salmon that contain omega-3 fatty acids and oils can help increase leptin production which great for your metabolism. Leptin is a hormone that controls your appetite, so eating fish with a meal will help you stay fuller longer.

Many vitamins and nutrients you put in your body affect your metabolism and how your body works. Protein and vitamin B help maintain a healthy metabolism and help keep you full as well. For these vitamins, aim to include foods like nuts, seeds, beef, and chicken in your diet.

Calcium is another important nutrient that works to release hormones that help your body store fat in a health way and speed up your metabolism. Snack on calcium-rich foods like low fat cottage cheese or yogurt to get your daily dosage. To ensure you are getting all the calcium you need, eat Vitamin C that will help your body absorb the calcium fully helping your metabolism.

Green tea has polyphenols that help to increase your metabolic rate. Specifically, it has EGCG that will noticeably increase your metabolism keeping you and your body awake. Green tea is one of the best beverages for your body, but it takes a routine for it to become effective. Drink four to five cups of hot green tea a day to see a difference in your alertness, digestion and metabolism.

Spicy foods have also been known to kick-start your metabolism. Spicy peppers like jalapenos and habanero peppers set your mouth on fire, and your metabolism. The burning sensation revs up your metabolism and you will still be burning calories from the heat a full half hour after you stop eating them. So sprinkle your food with a little heat whether it is dried pepper sprinkles, or jalapenos in your salad or pasta because it will add some flavor and give your body a good kick.

Eating a healthy, well rounded diet that consists of these foods will keep your body and metabolism going at a high and healthy rate. With the right balance of healthy eating and exercise, you’ll notice a difference in your mental and physical health, so do yourself some good and eat well!

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First Aid in Case of Heart Attack

Heart Attack is something which can take our life in a few minutes after the symptoms of it appears and sometimes symptoms don’t even appears. It takes many life away every year and it is increasing at alarming rate. Our anomalous daily routine and food is the reason of this alarming rate. In case you feel symptoms of heart attack then immediately call a doctor and meanwhile use this first aid.

What is Heart Attack

A heart attack occurs when blood flow to a part of your heart is blocked for a long enough time that part of the heart muscle is damaged or dies. The medical term for this is myocardial infarction.

Symptoms of Heart Attack

  • Pain below the chest with panic.
  • Feeling of vertigo and vomiting.
  • Suffocation with intense pain.
  • Irregular Heart rate.
  • Feeling of tightness, pain, or a squeezing or aching sensation in chest.

When to call the doctor?

  • Call or immediately visit a doctor when pain and symptoms remain more than 2 minutes.

First aid in case of Heart Attack

  • Make the patient clam.
  • keep the environment of patient surrounding clam.
  • Make the patient to sit in right posture on a flat chair with back support.
  • Remove the tight cloths of patient.
  • If doctor have prescribed any medicine, give it.
  • If patient don’t ave any allergy, give aspirin of 325mg with possibly no water .
  • If patient’s respiration rate gets down to 12-13/minute, give emergency oxygen as shown in image.
  • artificial-respiration mouth to mouth how to do it?
  • If the patient is unconscious or pulse rate is almost 0 try pressing his/her chest with hands like this.
  • First-Aid-For-Sudden-Cardiac-Arrest-4
  • If available keep a nitroglycerine tablet below the tongue.

Things to care

  • Call doctor or Ambulance as soon as possible.
  • Keep patient away from mobile or any other radiation emitting source.
  • If using any device,  do check a seal on it ‘For medical Purpose’.
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Can Devotion Shake Disease?

Why do you think people pray when doctors leave hope?

Do you think medicine and diet alone can treat or cure diseases?

Do spirit of devotion, your faith and your rituals can treat or cure serious ailments or can it slow down its growth or control the disease condition or restore a man’s health?

Is there any connection between spirituality and a body’s physical condition?

I can associate this with a phenomenon that occurs in the sky when it is thundering and lightening, you see the light image form which is exactly similar to plant/tree roots but just inverted in structure. Hence there must connection to the structure of a tree root and lightening in the sky during storms or else you wouldn’t In Bible Luke 7:50 Jesus said to a woman “your faith has saved you. Go in peace” (literally mean because you trusted you were saved from your sins. So go in peace).

Each body has capacity to heal itself. Almost all religions agree that the power of faith can cure disease rather than medicine.

Socrate said “I dress the wound and God heals it”. Prophet Abraham also supported the same saying “when I am ill, it is He who cures me” (Quran 26:80)

Some examples are sweet aromatic plants ruled by Venus, reddish, peppery and hot spicy planets ruled by Mars, White or water vegetables ruled by moon, yellow and orange plants with Jupiter etc. More information of this plant thing and earth related secret you can find here.

Can Jesus really heal your disease?

The famous scientist Sir Issac Newton who is famous for law of gravity was a very passionate student of occult science, astrology and alchemy. In olden days most of the medical advisers and physicians were astrologers too, because they believed that each existence’s life in the universe is connected to space, time and matter.

The whole system in our body attempts to harmonize and regularize its functions by either cooling/neutralizing excess energy likewise boosting deficient energies by using drugs. As per medical astrology planets represent forces or energies, diseases are same wise represented by inverted energies or negative energies. Diseases came to be seen and mostly depicted as manifestations of these planetary energies being in inauspicious position which is based on once deeds in the past or present. The diseases formed due to negative energy that mind carries inform of deep impressions formed due to unvented strong emotions such as hurt, unforgiveness, resentment, guilt, shame or any other feeling that we have taken in through our senses and traumatic experiences in the past make our bodies to weep. e.g. : impatient, time conscious and controlling behavior develop cardiac diseases, chronic lung diseases are caused due to unfulfilled romantic expressions, high BP is due to suppressed anger with in etc.

Indians believe this as karma or a barometer that measures the long term conflict that reflects as an issue in our relationships or manifests as unhealthy physical condition. Christians call it as imbalance created by devil or sin caused by temptation, Arabians believe it as spirit that exploit the body negatively.

When we pray from the bottom of the heart repeatedly this would change the negative energies created due to our past actions (karma), environment (the present situation) and we regain the confidence.

Ancient Indians have a saying “Atma bal, karma bal, and deha bal influence our life”.

Atma bal (the strength of your soul, your heart), Deha bal (body strength) , Karma bal (your actions result either positive or negative)  balanced together lead us to our destiny either health wise or situation wise. When karma bal that is past actions result is negative then the atma bal that is our faith and gets lower and mind becomes weaker and the negative energy manifested for long term leads to poor body health. The yoga bal (the power of our devotion i.e. faith in your prayers and corrective actions in your thinking) can neutralize the malefic energies in the body and mind leading to healthy life. So I recommend people who want to recover faster from any health concern to take up an inward journey to change your behavior or personality that causing you the disease. In order to do so take guidance from experienced Reiki and Panic healers or any guide who is spiritually blossomed strong person who is already free from outer and inner negative influences and has capacity to give you peace of mind. There are many fake faith healers take undue advantage of your situation to change religion etc in the name of healing as well.

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How to Recover From Post Concussion Syndrome – 6 Tips

A concussion is a form of body reaction to a serious viral attack. It may also be caused by a clot in the brain which causes the body to shut down. At such an instance, you may experience pain, dizziness, fatigue and general muscle weakness. As an internal body mechanism, your body will undergo shock, seizure or fainting. In such instances, immediate hospitalization may be necessary to avert a serious aftermath of the concussion. Some concussions are known to be fatal if left untreated. Some people may go into a comma and never recover from it depending on the severity. This is because a concussion can cause internal bleeding or brain haemorrhage.

How to recover from post- concussion syndrome

Post concussion is hard to recover but still you can take some actions to go back to the normal as most as possible, read below guidelines if you get this syndrome.

It is therefore important to take remedial action in case one suffers from a concussion syndrome. For those who are recovering from a post- concussion syndrome, you may need to undertake a number of measures to ensure that you recover as quickly as possible.

Bed rest

Bed rest cannot be overemphasized. Rest is known to hasten recovery as immunity is built up fast hence enabling healing to take place. The boy organs during bed rest work at their optimum and this is crucial for your post concussion recovery.


Diet plays a crucial role in your recovery. Take fruits and vegetables in plenty. It advocates that you take foods that have a calming effect on your nerves. Fruits such as apples, apricots and fresh juice have been shown to replenish and rejuvenate bodies that are recovering from an ailment. Take also plenty of fluids to ensure that you stay rehydrated. Diet rich in iron is also important to help restore blood that may have been lost due to internal bleeding.

Emotional stability

People recovering from post concussion syndrome may suffer from confusion or low moods. You need to void stressful conditions. You should therefore be surrounded by positive people who will encourage and make you feel better. Mood is known to affect the rate at which we recover from ailments. A good mood and a positive mind-set will go a long way in helping you recover from post concussion syndrome. You can watch an interesting movie or just read your favourite novel.


Exercise plays an important role in recovering from post-concussion syndrome. You have been in bed most of the time since you suffered a concussion. This may cause your limbs to ache from lack of stretch and exercise. To enhance and improve on blood circulation, it is important that you exercise whilst indoors. So while you are still in a lying position, you can do some exercise on your limbs. Lift them slowly up and down. Lift your head up, down and side ways to strengthen your neck muscles. This simple exercise will boost blood flow and circulation.


Body massage also helps in restoring your muscle activity and improving healing. A massage and a warm bath will go a long way in helping you recover from post concussion syndrome.


Ensure that you have enough sleep in order to ensure that your body rests enough as it heals from the concussion syndrome.

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4 Tips to Keeping Your Kidneys in Tip-Top Health

While it can obvious to pay particular attention to cancer and cardio-vascular disease prevention, it can become so easy to neglect the health of our kidneys. Chronic kidney disease is one of the top causes of morbidity and mortality in the whole world today. If we examine it carefully, poor kidney health is actually largely attributed to an unhealthy lifestyle – including an unhealthy diet, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, and lack of exercise. Health factors that contribute to kidney failure include diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure. If we take the right turn in our lifestyle, we should be living with healthy kidneys for a longer time.

4 Tips to Keeping Your Kidneys in Tip-Top Health

People always ignore their kidney health but focus on heart, body, or even just lose weight. But your kidney is important as the part of your functional body, how to care for it for good?

Eat Healthy

Maintaining a healthy balanced diet that is composed primarily of vegetables, fruits, and whole grains, and minimum serving of lean meat is the best way to maintain kidney health. According to research, over consumption of protein will push the kidneys to work more to filter the by-products of protein breakdown – BUN (blood urea nitrogen); which will then lead to early breakdown of the glomeruli in the kidneys. Also, persons who are at risk for developing calcium stones are advised against too much salt in the diet as this can exacerbate calcium formation in the urinary tract.

Do Not Smoke

As smoking causes blockage and constriction in the body’s blood vessels, it can lead to decreased blood flow to the kidneys, depriving kidney cells of adequate oxygen supply, which eventually leads to cell death and kidney failure.

Limit Alcohol Intake

When you drink little to moderate amounts of alcohol, your kidneys can functionally filter alcohol toxins out of your body. However, drinking excessive amounts of alcohol (or approximately four bottles of beer every day) can overwork your kidneys and lead to kidney failure. Individuals who are diagnosed with any forms of kidney disease should stop drinking alcohol altogether.

Do Not Abuse OTC NSAIDs

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like Advil and Motrin, when taken unsparingly, can lead to kidney damage. Aspirin and Tylenol also affects the kidneys when taken over an extended period. Do not take any over the counter medication unless prescribed by a health professional. If you are taking NSAIDs for pain control, make sure that this is monitored and regulated by your doctor.

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