How Often Should You Floss Your Teeth a Day

Are you wondering how often should you floss? So do we, because maintaining healthy teeth is essential nowadays, for both our body and our overall look as well. Unfortunately, it can be hard to determine how often do we need in order to maintain that stellar, fresh look, and this is why knowing this information is imperative.

how ofthen should you floss a day? Answer is simple, depends, read on to get more tips

Stellar, beautiful teeth is your dream but, how many times you need floss your teeth a day? Reading for the answer.

How often to floss per day

Believe it or not, with a single floss per day you can keep your teeth clean and in perfect shape, but in order to do that you need to make sure that you floss efficiently. If you don’t do that in a good way, then all you have to do is to floss after each meal, which is not that ok to begin with. So the main idea is not to floss often, instead you need to make sure that you develop a good technique that is thorough and very easy to understand.

The best time to floss is bed time, of course, because when we sleep our mouth will be protected, especially since the saliva level decreases, which is really neat.

Do I need to floss before or after brushing

It doesn’t really matter when you do this, the main idea is that you should floss first as this will help you remove the debris in your mouth, something that brushing might not be able to do efficiently, especially at first. What we do recommend you to do is to hydrate your mouth first as this makes the flossing process a lot more precise and efficient. With the help of water, flossing can be much easier to perform, so because of that doing such a thing will improve the way you perform you oral hygiene.

Flossing duration

Flossing can be a tedious task for some people, but it is one that you do need to pay extra attention to, especially if you want to have some astounding results in the end, such as extraordinarily clean teeth. The overall duration of flossing mainly depends on your skill, because some can floss efficiently and quickly, while others prefer to take their time. Usually, a flossing session of 2 minutes is more than enough to keep the oral hygiene under control and with stellar results in the end.

Of course, as time passes, you will be able to floss more and more often, which means that the skills, technique and speed will improve dramatically as well, something that is a very good thing to say the least. However, you should avoid thinking that using mouth washwill replace flossing, because these do two different things. Flossing is essential, and this is why you need to lean how often should you floss, as this is an imperative thing to do by any person at least once a day. If you want to make the activity a little more interesting, try to floss your teeth while watching the TV.

Types of dental floss that you need to use

There are multiple dental floss types that can help you, but in the end it’s up to you to select the one that brings you the best results.

You can use ribbon, flavored, unflavored, teflon, string, unwaxed or waxed. As you can see, there is a multitude of dental floss types that you could use, and these all bring similar results, in the end it’s just a matter of taste and feel. Some of you might find the waxed one good, while others will use the ribbon. The main idea here is that you should try and experiment at all times, as this will help you a lot in the long run. If you floss with the right type, then the results will be better, so experiment and you are bound to have some astounding results. Unwaxed floss is suitable for a multitude of purposes, and the waxed one works really well if you have tight contacts between your teeth.

Should I use the flossing tools and aids?

There are numerous types of flossing aids and tools on the market, but many are wondering if these do make sense in any way. The idea here is rather simple, you have floss holders, electric flossers, pre-threaded flossers or even flossing handles. The reality is that the results these things provide vary from person to person, with some actually liking what they receive in return.

It might be a good idea to experiment here as well, with flossing aids or even with various types of floss, because this is the only way to see what works for you or not. In the end, it’s all about being able to control and manipulate the floss in an efficient manner, as you would otherwise have to deal with numerous teeth problems that you might not want. Remember, placing a lot of attention in the way you floss your teeth can bring you great results, so don’t hesitate and instead try to implement a regular, good and useful flossing technique, as this will help you a lot in the long run.


So, how often do you need to floss? The answer is simple, you just need to do it as often as you feel the need. Doing this once a day is good enough, but try to develop a professional technique to do this, otherwise you are bound to have some negative results. Remember that flossing should always be implemented in your oral hygiene, so don’t forget to implement this into your daily flossing as often as possible! With careful flossing and lots of attention you are bound to maintain a great dental health, which will bring you a much better look and some astounding results in the end.

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How to Prevent or Get Rid of Strep Throat

Pharyngitis is the inflammation of the mucous membrane of the pharynx, which is often accompanied by sore throat or discomfort and it is the common reason why people contact otolaryngologist.

The symptoms of pharyngitis – sore throat and difficult swallowing are often mistaken for flu or cold. One should learn to identify it to know how to get rid of it before it turns into a strep throat.

how to prevent strep throat or eliminate it completely

Strep Throat is annoying and really hurt, what to do to prevent this and when you catch this, how to eliminate it completely?

As it was mentioned before, the disease is dangerous, because it is often mistaken for other infections and treated with antibiotics. Common antibiotics will be of little use against it (unless the disease is caused by an infection). Strep throat may be very painful, but it mostly passes without any complications within a week.

Symptoms of Pharyngitis

It is important to know how to get rid of strep throat, but is also important to be capable of identifying it properly. Various diseases may be accompanied by Pharyngitis and symptoms will depend on the “main” disease.

During cold:

  • Sneezing;
  • Cough;
  • Increased body temperature;
  • Headache;

During flu:

  • Fatigue and apathy;
  • Sensations of weakness in the entire body;
  • Chills;
  • Very high body temperature;

During mononucleosis:

  • Swollen tonsils;
  • Headache;
  • Appetite loss;
  • Spleen enlargement;
  • Inflammation of the liver.

What provokes the disease?

Strep throat is often provoked by inhaling cold or contaminated air or by chemical irritations, like tobacco. There are also kinds of strep throat, which are caused by various bacteria (streptococcus, staphylococcus or pneumococcus) or viruses (flu and adenoviruses). The disease can also develop from other infections inside the mouth: dental caries, rhinitis or sinusitis.

Medical and home treatment

The disease is mostly not accompanied by a general state of disorder, so the treatment usually includes a light diet, hot foot baths, drinking milk with honey, steam inhalations and gargling.

If a doctor suspects that the disease is caused by bacteria, he/she will assign some antibiotics. Be aware that antibiotics will not help you cure viral infections, so they should be taken carefully. If it has a viral origin, the disease passes on its own (no remedy is required). A doctor may give you some non-prescription analgesics to ease the symptoms. Note, that children under 18 must not take aspirin to remove headaches, due to the risk of having a very rare liver disease (Reye’s syndrome).

Sometimes there is no reason to take antibiotics and the doctor may tell you to continue the treatment at home. Here are the ways how to get rid of strep throat at home:

  • Plenty of rest;
  • Drink a lot of liquid: tea, warm water and bouillon, but no sodas or something like that;
  • Quit smoking and drinking alcohol (at least during the treatment);
  • Mix half a table spoon of salt in a glass of water and gargle your throat with it;
  • There are certain lollipops that can soften your throat, but they shouldn’t be taken by children under 3;
  • Probiotics – the so-called “useful bacteria” that can prevent intestinal infections and colds.

Now that we know how to get rid of strep throat, we must know how to prevent it in the future:

  • Avoid all contacts with sick people, especially those that are sick with SARS, flu, mononucleosis, or other infectious diseases;
  • Don’t use any dishes or hygiene items that were used by infected people;
  • Often wash your hands with soap (especially, before meal);
  • Harden your body and raise its defensive capabilities;
  • Exclude hazardous factors, like smoking and alcohol.

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Angular Cheilitis Treatment – The Ultimate Guide Here

If you suffer from angular cheilitis, it just start by saying that you join the millions of people out there who want a permanent solution to this, so they can finally focus on the important things in their lives. The lucky ones manage to find a solution, unfortunately for others, they still have to live their lives with this skin condition, which is not fun, to say the least!

When it comes to angular cheilitis treatment, the very first thing you need to be aware is the very first signs that appear, that make you think that you may have it. You need to take a look at where the symptoms are appearing, and whether there seems to be moisture around the area.

Folds play a big role when it comes to this condition, and you need to be able to pick them out. One place to be aware of folds that may occur as a result of you having removed some teeth out, so if you have visited a dentist, there might be some folds. If not, just monitor, because they tend to occur after some time. If this is the culprit in your case, then a visit to your dentist should be able to get the condition under control.

One of the causes for angular cheilitis is anemia and lack of proper nutrients. If you are unsure whether you have all the nutrients and vitamins that you need, a blood test will be able to determine that. Once you confirm that there is an issue with nutrients, a simple solution would be to get hold of the nutrients that are short and to take supplements of that.

In some cases, it might not be enough to apply the remedies mentioned above. Most people need t get a cream to completely get rid of the issue. The sores that occur will be able to be soothed using an ointment, as i is able to kill the bacteria and discourage it from even developing.

Angular Cheilitis Treatment tips

How you get Angular Cheilitis and what can you do to quickly cure this annoying thing?

When it comes to medications for this condition, Hydrocortisone, Mycolog II cream and Miconazole, as they are the most popular when it comes to treating.

Try and avoid cold places as well as humid ones, as they tend to make the condition worse. Another thing that makes it worse, is when you lick your lips. This really makes it bad because of all that moisture that you are putting on the sores.

Make sure that you drink adequate amounts of water and make sure that you eat all the foods that you need to, that contain all the vitamins, nutrients and mineral that you need.

Foods that are packed with chemicals are bad for you and for this condition, so refrain from eating them. The same goes for eating foods that contain fats that are saturated, they will only do harm than good.

With these tips, you will be ahead than thousands other people, and you might even get rid of angular cheilitis permanently.

Avoid Humid and Cold Places

Angular Cheilitis definitely makes it to the list of bad conditions that seem to affect the skin. This is because the skin is made to crack, which can result in bleeding, not to mention the pain that accompanies this disease.

If you suffer from this condition, you should seek treatment immediately, as without treatment, the condition worsens. Imagine not being able to eat properly or speak properly, just because it is too painful to eat? The condition can be quite bad, as others are even unable to speak, for fear of the pain that they will experience should they choose to open their mouths.

What needs to be done also, is to make sure that you know the factors that are causing it, because then you can avoid them and make sure it does not get worse than it is. Food plays a major role with this disease, so make sure that you eat healthily. Folds around the mouth area can also aggravate this condition, so it is important to make sure that your oral hygiene is good. Angular Cheilitis is encouraged when there is moisture or if the area is humid, so avoid that at all costs!

With this condition, you need to avoid cold places. If your lips are chapped, the cold weather is just going to make it worse. This is further worsened by licking the lips in a quest to moisturize them, when all that does is to make the pain even more. Saliva is only going to dry your lips more.

Humid areas are also a no-no, because they encourage bacteria to thrive, and all that does is to make the condition to worsen.

So when you are struggling with Angular Cheilitis, you need to make sure that you are in areas that are dry, and refrain from licking your lips. A better option is to get a moisturizer that you can use that discourages bacteria.

Angular Cheilitis Home Remedies

Glycoalkaloids are said to benefit the skin really well. This means that if you can use it for your skin, it would be beneficial for you.

So, in order to access glycoalkaloids, you should use eggplant, as they contain this substance. A great treatment would be for you to have some eggplant, and soaking it some apple cider vinegar. You have to keep the eggplant in the apple cider vinegar for a full week, after which you can throw the eggplant away, and use the solution. Apply the solution onto the parts of the mouth that are affected.

Another great home treatment for angular cheilitis is aloe vera. Applying this would be beneficial to your skin, and it would facilitating the healing.

Do yourself a favor also, and take the proper vitamins and nutrients, especially riboflavin, zinc and niacin.

Make sure that you include fruits and vegetables in your diet plan, especially green leafy vegetables like spinach are very important.

Finally, stay as hydrated as you possibly can, so drink water daily.

Through Diet

It is no secret that there is medication that is available for this treatment. From treatments that you get from the doctor, to treatments that you can buy from the chemist to treatments that you can use from your own home. The best treatment however is that which you apply on the part of your mouth that is affected, as well using nutrition to help your body fight for you. If you are one of those people who normally eats unhealthy (and there are lots of people by the thousands who don’t eat healthily), then you have a great chance of getting your body strong. You can make a decision today to start eating healthier, and by doing this, your immune system will be strengthened. Your diet should be one filled with lots of healthy fruits and vegetables, as you will get vitamins and lots of mineral that your body needs. We mentioned fruits and vegetables, but that is not all. You also need to eat:Fish, Lean meat, Healthy cereal, Dairy products etc.Angular cheilitis takes advantage of those who have a weakened immune system, those who have a lack of vitamins and minerals, especially Vitamin B2, B3, B6, Zinc and iron. These vitamins boost your body’s immune system, making it strong, so if you have too little of them, you are compromising your body, and you have to know that treatment will be more complicated or definitely take longer to take effect.

You have the ability to change everything around, just by eating healthily at least 3 times a day. Doing this will ensure that treatment takes effect quickly, and your skin has a better chance of recovering quicker, with less damage to the areas that are affected.

A healthy goes a long way in the treatment of angular cheilitis, and things can get better for you very quickly if you are eating healthy.

You really can fight angular stomasitis with your diet.

Lack of Vitamins

Our bodies are pretty complex, there are many components to it, and these components work together to make your body functioning the way that it should, optimally.

When something goes wrong in this well oiled machine, your body will show you signals that something is wrong, and you need to listen to what it is saying and react to it.

A great indication on the condition of your health is through your skin. With Angular Cheilitis, you will know that there is something wrong when you have this condition. When you see the physical symptoms, you should know that it is an issue with the vitamins that are in your body.

Loudly, your body will be telling you that there aren’t enough vitamins, nutrients or minerals. The way the body reacts to the lack of vitamins is by showing cracks around the mouth. On the two corners of the mouth, there will be cracks that are evident.

What sucks about this is that you might even get sores at the top of your lips, and all this will be accompanied by pain when you try to open your mouth. This means pain everytime you try to eat or talk, so this can make life quite difficult. It might even itch, and of course if you scratch you will be making the problem worse than it is. You should also brace yourself for bleeding, because at times it can happen. So clearly, this is something you want to get control of and treated very soon.

Apart from the lack of vitamins, bacteria or fungi play a role, in cultivating this condition.

This skin condition is mainly caused by excessive moisture and bacteria and/or fungi accumulated in the corners or the folds of the mouth.

Get some vitamins in your body, especially vitamin B, because it is the major reason why people get this. Get some vitamin B2, vitamin B3 and vitamin B6 and you will be well on your way to fighting this.

Also, get some zinc and iron in your body, and your body will react positively to this and help in alleviating the condition.

Listen to what your body tries to tell you, never ignore it because it holds the key to what is wrong with your health.

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5 Simple Natural Remedies for Laryngitis

Whether the source of your laryngitis is an irritant, a bacterium or a virus, you want something to ease the pain and difficulty of speaking. Laryngitis is a gateway leading to breathing difficulties and the onset of colds. So, it’s important to treat it quickly. Start treating the symptoms by using these 5 simple natural remedies for laryngitis.

Natural Remedies for Laryngitis

learn the 5 home remedies ways to cure your throat hurt

Rest for Your Larynx

When you first start sounding differently, it’s time to give your voice box a rest. Continuing to strain your larynx by whispering or croaking sounds makes your laryngitis worse. Don’t limit rest for your larynx to only use, but give it a break from spicy foods and smoke as well.

Use a Tea to Ease Inflammation

Song artists and speakers use a common herbal tea 3 to 4 times a day to ease the inflammation laryngitis causes. To make the tea, drop a large spoonful of slippery elm into a coffee cup of hot water, and let it sit for 15 to 20 minutes. Strain out any un-dissolved chunks, and sweeten with honey to taste.

learn 13 other natural ways to relief your Laryngitis in the video

Another Slippery Elm Remedy

When you don’t have time to make a tea, you can still use slippery elm to soothe your throat. Mix some ground slippery elm root with a little tepid water and a dash of honey until you get a consistency similar to applesauce. When you eat it, swallow slowly even if you have to take it with you to do so.

Wrap up Your throat

Once you have laryngitis even cool room temperatures irritate your throat. So, turn on the heat, and plug up the humidifier. Keep a warm, wet cloth across your neck. If you go outside, especially when it’s cold, wrap up your throat with a scarf.

Stop the Cough

It seems when you get laryngitis, the dry hacking cough is not far behind. Take the time to get some cough suppressants, and keep them close by. Coughing worsens the irritation of your voice box and lengthens your recovery. Every time you feel the tickle starting at the back of your throat, suck on a lozenge to stop the cough.

Make sure that anything you eat or drink is warm – not too hot, not too cold. Then if symptoms don’t go away within a few days of following these natural remedies for laryngitis, see a doctor. When laryngitis is a sign of serious infections – strep, tuberculosis, cancer – it takes a prescription medicine and a doctor’s care to get you back to talking again.

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Teeth Whitening Tips That Can Actually Help You

Are you tired of hiding your teeth each time you smile? Are you also a regular coffee or tea drinker? Or maybe you smoke a couple of cigarettes per day. For whatever reason, if you’re looking for teeth whitening procedures, your teeth are obviously not as white as you’d like them. Fortunately, there’s a lot of ways you can try to get that white, brilliant teeth you’ve always wanted.

when you want to whitening your teeth, how to do?

When you want to whitening your teeth, what tips you can follow?

The first step used to be the only one, going to the dentist for a special teeth whitening treatment. These treatments can be very costly but are coming down in price thanks to the wide spreading popularity of at home treatments. Bottomline, it is still advisable to visit your dentist religiously so that you wouldn’t have to ask for some teeth whitening.

You can also try to find some simple medicine in your local store that you can apply yourself. However, you have to do your research first and check the product for some dental accreditation before you purchase anything. You might accidentally damage your teeth if the product isn’t right for you.

This is what makes teeth whitening procedures real effective today.There are so many different kinds and brands on the market that it may be difficult to discern between them all, which one works best.

First you must have of course is a toothpaste used for teeth whitening. A lot of famous toothpaste brands like Colgate now actually offer products dedicated to teeth whitening. These products are available in gels or sometimes in pastes or liquids that can whiten your teeth over time. The flaw with this method though is if you continue to use products that are harmful to you, then you may end up permanently discoloring your teeth. You’re basically fighting an uphill battle with these products unless you can stop the cycle.

Apparently the best and most popular products are those little strips that you purchase at your local pharmacy. It is best to apply these strips before you sleep at nights so that they can work overnight and start acting on the parts of your teeth that darken them. There are also strips that you can wear anytime of the day. All of these are just as effective but they might be able make you feel uncomfortable at first.

Bottom line, the suitable procedures greatly varies from person to person. It will all depend on what your teeth are more comfortable with and what makes them beautifully white.

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