Five Cures for Insomnia – Do Not Let It Beat You

5 cures ofinsomnia, what can you do to eliminate it completely?

There is no worse feeling in the world than laying awake at night and watching the hours roll by aware that your alarm clock is going to be going off before you know it. If you’ve ever experienced this, you are not alone. In fact, 60% of Americans face sleep problems every night. So what can you do to make sure you get in the proper amount of zzz’s?

Skip the Afternoon Stimulants

Stimulants like caffeine in your coffee can actually affect you later on in the evening when you drink them after noon. It is said that coffee only has effects for five hours, but this is a common misconception. In fact, coffee slowly leaves your system in a seven hour period and depending on your sensitivity to it, up to 25% of the caffeine can remain in your system afterwards. Not to mention, a high intake of coffee can lead to frequent bathroom breaks in the middle of the night and we all know how disruptive to our sleep those can be.


Working out increases your adrenaline and helps to use up that extra energy you may find lingering around when you are trying to fall asleep. Exercise early in the day to speed up your metabolism and ultimately burn the fuel you won’t need when you are lying in bed.

Relax Early

Don’t wait until you crawl into your bed to start unwinding. Schedule in some you-time earlier in the even to begin to calm yourself and prepare yourself for bed. Relaxation is key. Those racing thoughts you don’t slow down early will continue racing when you lay in bed and prevent you from falling asleep peacefully.

Turn Off Distractions

If you leave your favorite movie on when you are trying to fall asleep, chances are you will want to stay awake to watch it. Turn off your TV when you crawl into bed. Studies have shown that leaving a TV will prevent you from falling into a deep sleep because the flashes from the screen will trigger your mind to respond. This is the same if you leave your phone on next to your bed. When it goes off, not only will it disrupt you as you drift off, but the sounds it makes during the night will keep you from getting a good deep sleep.


Aromatherapy is a great natural remedy for all sorts of problems and ailments so it should definitely not be overlooked now. Douse a tissue with four to five drops of lavender, hold it to your nose and take 10 to 15 deep breaths. Lavender is best known as a sedative but other aromatherapy oils can be used such as spikenard, vetiver, frankincense, myrrh or clary sage.

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Healthy Food Options for Busy People

healthy eating tips while you busy

When you are constantly on the go, it is easy to be torn between a fast food meal and your health. But with meals that are quick and easy, you don’t have to face that dilemma anymore.  If you are the type of person who is constantly in a rush to get to the next place, and your kitchen is the last place you want to be when you get home, try one of these options below.

Eat Out

If you are really in a time crunch and you can’t make it home for a meal, there are plenty of options in your area to choose from that aren’t fast food. Sometimes all it takes is a quick Google search. And if you can’t find a restaurant that is strictly healthy, order a salad with a low-fat dressing and skip the cheese. Sometimes it is not about where you eat, but what you choose to eat.

Food Prep

This is a popular way to make sure that you eat healthy during the week without being tempted to snack while you wait for your meal to be cooked. At the beginning of your week—whatever day that is—write down a meal plan that will loosely cover the week. Try to think of meals that you can use the leftovers for something else or meals that use a lot of the same food. Go to the grocery store and pick these items up. Then spend one large quantity of time in the kitchen preparing all of these foods ahead of time. Some foods—like fresh veges and fruits—can be stored in the refrigerator while you may want to freeze other meals for later in the week.

Make it Simple

Sure, made from scratch gravy is always more delicious than jarred gravy, but if you are trying to be healthy, chances are you won’t be eating gravy. But you get the point. You don’t have to make everything from scratch. And you don’t have to make extravagant dinners to please everybody. In fact, sometimes the simplest meals like breaded chicken are the best. Look for recipes with minimum steps and minimum ingredients. You could also opt for slow cooker recipes so your meal is ready when you get home.


I don’t mean grab your nearest take-out menu and order up some pre-made food. Instead, I’m suggesting you can cut down on the time it takes you to run errands by having your groceries delivered fresh to your door. How amazing is that? Not only will it save you time, but it will save you the hassle of trying to maneuver through the store with a full cart. And you may not be so impulsive to buy unhealthy foods either.

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First Aid in Case of Heart Attack

Heart Attack is something which can take our life in a few minutes after the symptoms of it appears and sometimes symptoms don’t even appears. It takes many life away every year and it is increasing at alarming rate. Our anomalous daily routine and food is the reason of this alarming rate. In case you feel symptoms of heart attack then immediately call a doctor and meanwhile use this first aid.

What is Heart Attack

A heart attack occurs when blood flow to a part of your heart is blocked for a long enough time that part of the heart muscle is damaged or dies. The medical term for this is myocardial infarction.

Symptoms of Heart Attack

  • Pain below the chest with panic.
  • Feeling of vertigo and vomiting.
  • Suffocation with intense pain.
  • Irregular Heart rate.
  • Feeling of tightness, pain, or a squeezing or aching sensation in chest.

When to call the doctor?

  • Call or immediately visit a doctor when pain and symptoms remain more than 2 minutes.

First aid in case of Heart Attack

  • Make the patient clam.
  • keep the environment of patient surrounding clam.
  • Make the patient to sit in right posture on a flat chair with back support.
  • Remove the tight cloths of patient.
  • If doctor have prescribed any medicine, give it.
  • If patient don’t ave any allergy, give aspirin of 325mg with possibly no water .
  • If patient’s respiration rate gets down to 12-13/minute, give emergency oxygen as shown in image.
  • artificial-respiration mouth to mouth how to do it?
  • If the patient is unconscious or pulse rate is almost 0 try pressing his/her chest with hands like this.
  • First-Aid-For-Sudden-Cardiac-Arrest-4
  • If available keep a nitroglycerine tablet below the tongue.

Things to care

  • Call doctor or Ambulance as soon as possible.
  • Keep patient away from mobile or any other radiation emitting source.
  • If using any device,  do check a seal on it ‘For medical Purpose’.
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Pilonidal Sinus : a Personal Experience With Useful Info

everything about the Pilonidal Sinus, why it happen, how to prevent, how to recover, and surgery experience

A day of hot summer (2010) when I got up from my bed in hot -turning-cold morning which was usual in my high school days I noticed something unusual giving a little pain to me above my hips. I usually ignore such small things and the same I did on that day. Well I went for shower and was rubbing my whole body to put down the dirt of last day’s physical activities I did in District Stadium. I again felt a bit of pain on same place, I pressed the part and realized that its a bump or cyst beneath my skin. I should have taken more care of it but since I was already 35 minutes late for my school, I skipped everything.

Within a day or two I just forgot the pain and the cyst too. Time passed on and some eight months later I was hit by a rod due to false sitting. Pain came up on the same place. After touching the part gently I realized that its just same thing which was eight months before. I again refused to go to doctor. Pain was a little sharp so I took a pain killer (usually I don’t but it was my exam after a day). Well pain killer worked and everything just seemed normal to me. Some more weeks passed. I felt it again. Everything was same like before, Went away. Well when I felt it 4th time I realized that it came back to me because of 3 hours flight journey and 6 hours Train journey I did last day.

My mind said, “Don’t worry Gagan, Its just a tissue rupture always when you sit for long. Avoid sitting for long duration” . It was not first time my mind said something and I accepted, I usually do that (I always act like a Doctor to my body itself as I was a medical student in by High school.) Well I again refused meeting a doctor. Was that a right decision? Who knows until Sept 2013.

I remember the day, 02 Sept 2013. It was raining outside and sun was nowhere in sky though clock was showing 10:30 am. I was with my roommate in balcony having a cup of coffee in hand. I said, “Ravi, I am feeling pain above my buttocks. The same place where it comes every time”. He took a long breath and turned his chair towards me from a great panorama of city Under rain. He started instructing me like a grandpa, says “Gagan, You should go to doctor now. You are facing this from last 3 years and ignoring it as if it is a joke. Either you go to a doctor or stop complaining me about it”.

Well packed a few cloths in the evening and went to my native town to meet my parents a discuss it with them. When I reached my problem was the first thing I discussed with them (my parents) after touching their feet (Its a tradition in India). My parents are very sensitive for me. Both mother and father said “Go to Dr. Jain’s clinic tomorrow itself”. Dr. Jain was a  famous doctor in our area, but for bones related problem : An orthopedic. Next morning I visited him and he just told me I a tissue rupture due to tail bone (which I was thinking from last 2 years). Well I came out with few medicine and great proud (as I was proved right by doctor).

It was 11th of same month, my pain was in no mood to leave my body. I decided to go to best hospital of Province. Doctors in that government hospital were too busy but still somehow my turn came. I discussed everything to the doctor (though he listed half, I think) and he gave me some more round piece of colored capsules and a Diclofenac Gel BP  to apply it over affected area. In the night while applying the ointment I realized the cyst turned more than the expectation. I Decided to check the new treatment for a day.

Nothing was fine until 13th morning. The pain was so worst that I hardly adjusted on my bed whole last night. I checked my bank balance which was enough for the treatment in a big private hospital. I asked my friend to move to a big hospital. I reached to best private hospital of the capital city the same day and went to a general surgeon. It was Dr. Uma K Raghuvanshi. She asked me my problem and without even looking the cleft of my upper buttocks, guessed it as Pilonidal Sinus. She asked me to lay half naked in near by cabin. I did, she examined and said that its was a deep Pilonidal Sinus only which is lacking many symptoms.

Well I asked her to remove it and she said they will operate me for that. I agreed. I further asked how long I will be I hospital and how long it will take recover completely. She said minimum 3 days after the operation I will have to stay in hospital and if everything went as per the plan I will be allowed to run and jump in next 40 days.

Then my discussion with doctor started. Here are my Questions which were solved by doctor.

Q. What is Pilonidal Sinus ?

Its a cyst or say abscess on the starting cleft of your Buttocks over the tailbone and often contains hairs over it.

Q. How do it occurs ?

Plionidal is a Latin word which mean nest of hair. It starts due to ingrown hair below the skin which start growing after its breaks from top of the skin but have perfect joint on its root. It keep growing in sprawling manner and affect nearby tissues. As a result of hairs and tissue interaction pus is formed below the skin.

Q. What are its Symptoms ?

Pilonidal sinus do not show any symptoms in starting time. When pus cells increase in number and push the nearby tissue to get out of body pain starts. In many cases a tiny hole is formed above the skin which reaches to whole affected area. A regular discharged flow out through it. Pain will be very less if discharge occur regularly. But still while sitting patient feel it a bit.

Q. What are its causes ?

A person with hairs on his/her buttocks gets it generally. A ingrown hairs mostly grow after getting break from tip below the skin or after getting detached from the root a bit. This condition usually observed in those who do prolong sitting, drive long, sit on hard jumping surface etc. Earlier it was a myth that this is a men’s disease but in today’s generation it is common in Girls too.

Q. What are the prevention and cures ?

This can be prevented. Yes, You need to take care of a few things like keeping cleft of buttocks clean, shaving of hairs from cleft and nearby areas so that they don’t get messed up to each other, avoiding prolong sittings especially on hard surface. You should also avoid wearing low-waist jeans.

Once you get a pilonidal sinus you can only get its complete cure with surgery. It can be delayed by keep many cares but final cure without operation is not possible.

Surgical and Post Surgical care of Pilonidal Sinus: Based on my experience.

I was admitted to hospital on 15th Sept 2013. My parents were informed by me and they left hometown to visit me before the operation. Meanwhile I was diagnosed for various things which were compulsory before the operation. I was also asked if I was having anything to share related to my body. :: Take care, Share all your allergy and previous medical history with doctor before any treatment. :: In my case I was having no allergy to any medicine or towards any treatment. “I was operated for appendix operation laparoscopically some 6 years ago”, I said and they noted (it was no issue). I was having many small cyst or round structures below my skin all over the body which I also shared with them (it was also no issue). At noon hairs from my complete body (below face) were removed with help of a lotion. In evening I was given some light food and a tablet. On 16th, Morning at 6am a nurse knocked me up and asked me to get fresh and instructed to take bath throughly. ::You should get fresh and empty your intestine thoroughly before a operation. :: I did that all by 7:30Am and was taken to bed again after that. Now they introduced a I-V drip in my vein on my left hand. A bottle with some 300ml solution was inserted in my blood stream. Later at 9:30am I was on the stretcher on the way to Operation theater. I was asked several more question related to me and they also asked which anesthesia they should use, local or complete.  :: If you are not brave enough to see operation consciously with your senses choose Complete anesthesia. ::  I opted local anesthesia which was given in my spinal cord to disconnect the sense of my lower body (Reason why I opted local anesthesia was one both I and doctor thought it is a minor operation and second I was brave enough to sense the way I was operated.)

Many machines introduced to me and was used over me somehow, a few on face, some on hands, some on chest and shoulder etc. Sharp at 11:45am operation was started and Dr. Uma did that. It was expected to go maximum for 30 minutes. Some after 15 Minutes doctor asked me how long you think the nest of hair would be? I said “May be 3-5cm”. Well I was not asked anything else. It was 12:30pm in the round clock I was able to see in OT. Time passed, Finally at 12:40 Dr. Uma left OT saying me that my sinus was long and now been removed successfully. At 1:10 pm I was stitched (Yes, stitched as my operated area was more than 10cm in lenght. Most of the cases doctor prefer open surgery if wound is small.) I was immediately shifted to recovery room on my request as I was shivering badly and lost few hundred mls’ of blood in surgery. After chilling some 15 minutes in Recovery room I was stretchered out of OT. My mom was standing out with wet eyes which was about to flow. I suddenly raised my hand to tell them how comfortable I was. She accompanied the group of 4 nurse and a ward boy whom took me to my bed. I was shifted to my bed slowly and asked to rest (My body below chest was still under anesthesia and to remain like that for next 3 hours.) I was getting blessing and well wishing call laying straight on the bed and continuously running I-V in my veins. Around 5:00pm I felt a little pain around my both kidneys. I kept silence but started moving my hand around. I realized there was something kept between my legs. I asked my friend who was sitting beside me to check what is there. He pulled out a Urine catheter and a more equipment which was collecting blood discharge. I suddenly realize that i have to lay by either of my side to let urine flow out. I asked nurse to permit me to turn right, She agreed. As soon as I turned right, urine catheter was filled with some 300 ml of urine. My kidney pain was lost in some 60-70 sec after it. It was urine which created that all problem.

Well everything was fine for next 4 days I asked my doctor to remove Urine catheter on next day of operation and she did it on next morning. Now I started moving outside that room. I was also doing daily morning habits easily. The other equipment was introduced to my operated area itself. It was there for pumping out blood (if any) from wound. On 5th day after my operation I asked for leave to doctors and nurses and they agreed but asked me to go home with the blood pulling equipment (Sorry, I don’t know Its name.)

I was discharged and asked to return after 8 days. I went to home and first thing I did was washed my body somehow without affecting wound. I was on regular Diet now. Next day in morning I decided to take bath which was complete no from doctor as there was risk of getting dressing wet. But I was not ready to continue without bathing (I can’t leave without bathing a day easily and was, 6th without.) Finally I tied a plastic sheet over the dressing and managed to bath.

On 30th September I visited doctor and asked her to remove the blood tube (I said na, I don’t know the name.) She agreed and removed my dressing too and thoroughly cleaned the operated area. A cleaning method she taught to my father which was to be done every next day. I was permitted to bath with the same way I discovered. My stitches was still supposed to be there for next 10-15 days.

On some 15th October I was again carried to doctor and got my stitches off. Dr. Uma appreciated my recovery and asked me to rest more for minimum 1 Month. She also said that it would not be that worst if I would have taken it seriously.

I took long bath that day with Luke warm water and felt like heaven. I continued my rest for 30 more days and did final visit to doctor before continuing to University. :: I was asked to clean shave my operated area for rest of my life :: She also asked me not to sit on bike for next 30 days. I was not allowed to work out at GYM for same 30 days and was asked to eat power capsules too (which I haven’t done).

Today more than 100 days passed and I am having no problem in my day to day habit. I am very very Thankful to Dr. Uma for the great job. My father and mother were the next who deserve all the thanks. It was though not a painful experience but I made it worst by delaying it for 3 years. I ask my friends not to do same if you feel the same sinus.

A Paragraph for Girls

The day I was operated for Pilonidal Sinus a girl was also operated for the same. I got chance to interact a little with that girl and came to know a strange thing. She said,”I kept my sinus hidden from my friends as it is a men’s disease”. Men’s Disease!!?!? I exclaimed.

Later I researched and found that girl was speaking of some 16th century. Pilonidal sinus is not a men’s disease. I a generation where women have equal right as per as a man this kind thinking should be changed. Today women are found more in office doing prolong sitting work then why can’t they get this. I agree that some 30% girls only have hairs on their various body parts but that’s not abnormal. It you feel that it can’t come to a girl you are completely wrong.

Disclaimer:- Post is based on personal experience. Above given precautions and treatment may not be correct one. Please consult with your doctor before taking any step.

Guest post by Indian medical doc Gagan

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Natural Energy Drinks in India

Energy drink concept was not new for Indians from ages. Homemade energy drinks are caffeine free and alcohol free. They are easy to make, inexpensive and healthier to drink. It’s common for us to have coconut water and fresh sugar cane juice during summers as an energy drinks. Coconut water is rich in potassium and other vitamins and also very soothing to stomach hence if anyone has acidity or hyper tension, Indian Ayurvedic specialists’ advice to drink coconut water frequently.

Panna juice

We also prepare Panna juice in summers. Preparation of Panna juice is very simple as it has very few ingredients to use proportionally. Add boiled raw mango pulp with sugar and salt to taste along with cumin powder and mint leaves paste to the hot water and let it cool for some time. Now your natural heat beating Panna juice ready to drink. It’s easy to make and tasty as well.

Another drink made of diluted butter milk base is known as Chach in north and also in south people drink this butter milk drink mixed with garlic, sea salt, coriander leaves and few spices to avoid indigestion. Lassi is one of the most popular north Indian health drink prepared almost in every home especially during sulassi health drinkmmers. The main ingredient in Lassi is curd. Various types of Lassies are prepared by adding varieties of spices and other ingredients to make their Lassi tastier. Commonly people make either salt lassi or sweet lassi. In sweet lassi we add a lot of dry fruits like almonds, dried grapes, pista, rose petals and saffron etc based on choice of taste. To salted lassi we add mint leaves and other spices such as garlic and ginger paste, pepper etc. Drinking lassi on daily basis can keep body fit and mind focused.

panagam health drink

In southern states people make a drink named ‘Panakam’ which seems to be rich with iron and few other vitamins. People boil water and add jaggery, cardamom, basil leaves, Lemon juice, little camphor and a pinch of nut meg powder. They let it cool for some time before consumption.

jaljeera india natural health drink

‘Jaljeera’ is also very famous in North India. To plain water we add few mint leaves and coriander leaves paste, ginger, Lemon juice, powdered cumin (Jeera), black salt and rock salt, black pepper and a pinch of asafetida. This juice is very refreshing in the noon time during lunch. Jaljeera is a good appetizer as well as mood enhancer. Jaljeera seems to be improving digestive enzymes in stomach avoiding gastric problems etc.

Apart from above traditional drinks we like many other energy drinks made by mixing various fruits without adding any preservatives. For example orange and lemon and pineapple mixed juice with honey. This instant energy drink is rich in vitamin ‘c’.

Indians also make varieties of nutritious drinks with proteins and milk. Ghasa Ghasa Payasam is a well-known popular and also friendly health drink for those who have difficulty to sleep. Ingredients used for Ghasa Ghasa Payasam are ¼ cup of poppy seeds, ((Almonds, Cashew nuts, Pista green) in equal proportions)), Cardamom pods, a fist full of rice, 1 cup of coconut water, jaggery and milk. It’s easy to prepare this health drink. Add all the ingredients in milk and soak it for an hour and grind them and boil it for few minutes. You also give this drink with breakfast in the mornings to keep yourself energetic in the day time.

Drinking frequently chemical based energy drinks like Coke, Pepsi etc can cause harmful effects to health and also since they are stored for long time by using preservatives, not always good for body. Hence it is recommended to consume natural health drinks homemade or fresh fruit juices that make your body feel lighter and energetic. In Punjab state in India it is tradition to distribute natural health drinks to the crowd at free of cost as the weather in the state is extremely hot during summers. In south also during summer festivals these natural energy drinks distributed in temples freely.

These natural energy drinks are not only tastier to consume but also excellent body detoxifier. Our kitchen based tradition in India practiced in almost all homes for the benefit of families’ and also society’s health welfare.

Guest post by India famous doctor Jyothishree 

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Indian Home Treatment For Toddlers to Cure Cough and Cold

3 month baby in cough and cold, how to  cure it by home remedy?

When your baby is suffering from cough and cold I wouldn’t suggest you to go for any nose drops, syrups or expectorants. In longer run medicines will give adverse effects on your baby’s immunity and also they won’t help your baby to survive from these ailments.

Many think giving antibiotics can help to recover from cold and Cough faster. Actually antibiotics pills can’t help to recover your baby from cold and cough either faster or prevent it getting worse. Cough and cold syrups don’t help in any way however they put your baby into sleep. But it is safe to prepare herbal based syrups at home which are non toxic and safe without any side effects. It is casual that children will have fever when they are suffering from cold. They also would suffer with low appetite and difficulty in sleeping. You can use few suggested syrups and homemade herbal fluids in this article for 3 to 5 days. In case you don’t find improvement then you can visit your family doctor for clinical medication.

If your baby is less than 3 months give a call to doctor for any sickness even if it is mild. If her temperature spikes above 100.4 degrees visit doctor immediately because child below 3 months shouldn’t have this much temperature. If child is in between 3 to 6 months having fever above 101 degrees is unusual. Call your doctor after 24 hours if you don’t find any improvement. If your baby is above 6 months and fever is more than 102 then you need to be worried about it. To reduce fever during cold  an excellent home preparation made by mixing 1 tsp of turmeric powder, ginger, raw onion juice, lemon grass, ½ a tsp of black pepper and 5-6 basil leaves juice, by consuming this syrup two times a day your baby can recover faster.

home made indian syrup to cure infants cough and flu in a natural way

Steam inhalation is ideal for the baby to have a relief from cold, running or blocked nose and chest congestion. For faster remedy add eucalyptus oil or Vicks to the water before you steam it. But never directly apply any balm or vapor rubs on baby’s skin. You can give hot water mix honey, ginger juice and turmeric to the baby. You can also heat mustard oil and add a pinch of powdered camphor, saffron and then apply this on baby’s fore head, neck, chest and foot. If mustard oil is not available you may also use olive oil for massaging.

mom massaging baby can improve health condition

At least one hour before or after baby consumes food you may give syrup made at home with basil leaves and beetle leaves juice extract with either honey or salt. If you want you can add turmeric to the syrup if baby has cough along with cold. At home you can make your own cough syrup naturally with ajwain seeds and honey. Powder one spoon of Ajwain seeds and add half cup of honey with 1 cup of boiled water. You can alter the amount of ingredients as per your baby’s choice of taste as well. You may also add one spoon of turmeric powder while you boil the water if your baby likes its taste. This syrup acts as an excellent expectorant for your baby.

I have here for you few Indian ancient remedies for effective home medicine for both cough and cold. Mix 1 spoon of raw onion juice with 1 ½ tea spoonful of honey. To stop whopping cough boil cow milk and add a pinch of black pepper and turmeric or else add equal amount of pepper and ginger to Bibhitaki powder (Terminalia bellirica) along with honey. You can purchase Bibhitaki powder in any ayurvedic pharmacy.

It is recommended to give baby breast milk since it has immune modulating elements and also it is easy to digest. Avoid giving garlic to the babies lesser than 6 or 8 months old as it enhances fire element in the body so high that baby will not be able to bare it. Give fluids as much as possible to thin out mucus and to flush out secretions from the body and also avoid dehydration. Because your baby breaths faster than usual when she is suffering from cough and cold. This would cause dehydration to her.

You may also watch your baby’s weigh as well. In case of excess weight loss etc consult a pediatrician immediately. It’s also very important for your baby to have solid sleep time to avoid irritation when she is fallen sick. Keep few small baby pillows under baby’s head so that your baby’s neck is high and she gets good sleep without any breath problems. Many Indian mothers agree that keeping an onion near baby’s head when she goes to sleep can improve her breath.

Avoid giving baby bath frequently when she has cold or cough. You can give sponge bath in either lukewarm or hot water to your baby to make her feel warm and fresh. But be careful that the water is enough warm that baby will not shiver feeling cold. If your baby shivers then her temperature would raise. Based on baby’s sleeping pattern you can understand about baby’s health condition. Good cuddle and good sleep can enhance baby’s capacity to fight with symptoms. In case baby is not having enough sleep then create an environment such that she will fall asleep with no difficulties. For example keep television or computer away from your baby’s bed room. Don’t place toys that child plays on the bed. Keep the room quite and clean. Dress your baby lightly before it goes to sleep so that she will not feel any discomfort to fall asleep. It is easy to use drugs for faster recovery but side effects are assured, hence better focus on natural remedies and help baby to heal herself.

Doctor’s visit is also essential however you being confident and observant towards your baby needs you can easily treat her health condition related to cold and flu etc.

Thanks to the PhD Dhawa doctor about this guest post

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Food Therapy in Daily Life to Avoid Medicines

For youth health management it is essential to focus on food habits as lot of ailments resulting due to pollution, stress in studies, stress in career and relationships. In order to decrease environment pollution and also to work on global warming, community involvement is needed where as each individual taking a step by owning responsibility towards giving importance to their life style and practicing good health food habits one can keep himself happy and environment friendly.

We are lucky to be born in a country like India which has agriculture friendly weather throughout the year unlike Western Countries. Quality of vegetables produced in India are more reliable compared to other countries. Because we use organic pesticides and more man power than chemicals and machines. So why don’t we take advantage of eating more vegetables and cut down on non vegetarian foods.

alkaline food lists and why you should consume more such foods

In old days in India people hardly had to visit hospitals, clinics etc since our ancestors were very intelligent enough to maintain healthy food habits for their families. Now it has become unavoidable to visit doctor every year irrespective of age and gender. Children, youth and families easily encountered by various ailments or else health concerns due to lack of awareness on health habits and modernism in cultures.

Children and also youth prefer fast food items which are preserved for long time than fresh vegetables and homemade sweets and salted food items. Indians have varieties of recipes when it comes to food preparations. Apart from regular dishes one can have wide range of delicious items for snacks name it whether it is a sweet or salted food. Still to showcase modernism people prefer fast food items like burgers, pizzas, cakes etc.

Indian recipes can ferment the food without chemicals also. For example we successfully ferment dough for few dishes like idli, dosa by adding natural ingredients. Many ayurvedic specialists offer alternative medicine therapies such as food therapy, stress therapy for chronic health issues to resolve. Here I would like to write some quality of information on Food Therapies. Of course, we can’t avoid change in weather or stress in work. But definitely we can moderate our diet to avoid any harmful effects caused by outer influences to our body. Allopathic doctors also agree that one’s emotional well being and also physical well being can be maintained by eating healthy food on time.

india spices list and why those have a good impact to your health

There are many Indian spices that can boost your immunity and also can help to avoid depression. Recent findings by researchers been said that by maintaining balance between alkaline and acidic foods one can avoid and also cure dangerous illnesses such as cancer etc. It seems to be new for us to know the terminology such as alkaline foods to keep PH balanced in our body etc. But our intelligent ancestors knew about it many centuries ego. It is a tradition in south India to have a dish made by adding ingredients such as Mango, Neem leaves and Jaggery on a festival named ‘Ugadi’. It’s a spiritual belief that eating this dish is to remind ourselves that life is made of all kind of experiences such as painful as bitter, sadness, and also sweet such as happiness etc. But doctors recently revealed in their experiments that these natural food items like Mango, Neem leaves and Jaggery come under alkaline food category and alkaline foods generally help us to maintain pH (Potential of Hydrogen) balance of our body fluids and tissues. If the body has pH is towards alkaline then your capacity to fight with ailments will be high. People are getting awareness on eating habits and importance of adding herbs, spices and vegetables to the diet by avoiding non vegetarian food etc. The human body has capacity to repair itself if it has been given all the healthy food stuff needed.


Let us discuss more on alkaline food items and depression beating health habits in detail now. Alkaline foods are easy to digest. Almost all foods that we eat are digested and consumed in the blood. But alkaline food makes our body to feel fresh and energetic and keeps blood PH level balanced to keep immunity high. It’s good idea to visit your family doctor before you start your alkaline diet plan as an alternative medicine. However, Here I have list of alkaline food ingredients and acidic food ingredients that can influence your body enhance your moods and also to maintain fitness.

Examples for alkaline food items and their usage:

  • Alkaline Vegetables & Grains: Cabbage, Broccoli, Kale, Cauliflower, Spinach, Legume, Goose Berry, Tomato, Lemon, pumpkin, Mushroom, Cucumber fresh, Capsicum, lettuce, soy sprouts, wheat grass, Beetroot, Carrot, Red Radish, Black Olives, Brown Rice and wheat, Moong Bean, oats, Barley, onions, etc.
  • Alkaline Spices and Herbs: Cinnamon, Clove, Ginger, Turmeric, Mint leaves, Cardamom, Garlic, Spinach, Sun Flower Oil or seeds, olive oil, Coconut oil, Flax seed oil, Fennel seeds, Basil (osmium Sanctum), Coriander, Alfalfa, chick pea. Pumpkin seeds, primrose oil, sesame oil, Tamarind, Green Tea, Breast Milk, Lemon Water, etc.
  • Alkaline and Low Acidic Fruits: Pineapple, Ripe Mango, Raspberry, Strawberry, Green apple, Avocado, Black Currant, Cranberry, Dates, figs, Water Melon, Coconut and Banana, pomegranate, Apricots, Cherry, Indian Plum, Raisins, Papaya, Guava etc.

Adding to above here I have list of Acidic food items which are acid producing foods. These foods should be either avoided or if used better less. I mentioned this in general for health awareness as they are not harmful if they are used in smaller quantity in our food for change of taste etc. Make sure you won’t brush your teeth after you consume acidic foods. It also advised not to have direct contact with acidic foods with your teeth in order to avoid tooth problems.

  • Acidic Foods: Meat(all types), Butter, Eggs, Processed Cheese, Ice Cream, custards, Lentils, Beans Dried, Asparagus, Garbanzo Beans,Processed and Preserved foods, Sugar, Walnuts, Peanuts,White Rice, White Bread, Pasta, Green Olives, etc.
  • Acidic Species and liquids: Sesame seeds, coffee, Beer, wine, Mayonnaise, soy sauce, Ketchup, Mustard seeds. Coffee, Cocoa, Candy, Chocolate, Soda drinks like Coke and Pepsi, Beer, Liquor, Artificial Sweeteners, Pickled Vegetables, Vinegar, Stimulants, Jellies and Jams etc.
  • Acidic Fruits: Olives, Black Berries, Blue  Berries, Cherries etc.

Health specialists suggest that moderately adding few acidic food items in our diet can keep us alert while working. Ayurvedic specialists also say that each individual’s body has certain elements characterized as per their personality like Kapha, Pitta and Vata. These are three general categories can be balanced based on one’s food habits as our bodies are ruled by the elements such as fire, water, air etc.

Well known psychologist Daniel Golmann also mentioned in one of his book named emotional intelligence that our DNA also can change based on our food habits in longer time. One having bad food habits for long time and stress can also harm one’s DNA resulting to various un-diagnosed ailments leading to imbalanced emotional health as well. Scientists are also doing extensive research to know if yoga and meditation also can influence DNA characteristics of an individual.


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