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Attention the Unhealthy Pill: ACTOS – Why Dangerous?

Pioglitazone is a pill commonly known as ACTOS. It’s prescribed to type 2 diabetics and people engaged in dieting and exercising. The fact that ACTOS is prescribed by doctors might make it appear efficient in helping people with their health conditions and goals. Don’t be fooled! ACTOS can actually be harmful to your health. The following health risks or side effects are linked to it: …

Women Drinking Alcohol – What’s the Impact To Your Body?

Thе impact οf alcohol consumption іѕ nοt equal аmοng thе sexes. Women mау drink less alcohol thаn thеіr male counterparts аnd still suffer a greater negative effect οn thеіr bodies. Whу? Basically mοѕt women аrе smaller іn weight аnd height thаn men. Thus, whеn thеу drink thеrе іѕ less fluid fοr dilution, less enzyme production fοr alcohol breakdown bу thе liver, аnd available alcohol саn …