6 Common Symptoms Of Pink Eye You Should Pay Attention

Conjunctivitis is an inflammation of the outer layer of the eye and inner surface of the eyelids. Commonly known as the Pink Eye, this inflammation is caused by an infection (bacterial or viral) or allergic reaction.

While a pink eye is extremely uncomfortable, exactly how do you know if you have it?

6 symptoms of pink eye

Do you get these 6 symptoms of pink eye?

Here are the following six symptoms for pink eye:

Pink colored eye: The most obvious pink eye symptom is the odd color itself. The white of your eye will be pink or bloodshot red.

Itchiness and pain: How much pain and itchiness you feel varies; no two people feel the same amount. Regardless how much or how little itchiness you feel, you should never scratch your infected eye!

Also you might experience itchiness and pain at different or the same times.

Discharge: One of the nastiest symptoms of the pink eye is the discharge of mucus. It’s yellowish in color and comes constantly. Though your eye will be irritated, keep it wiped.

Swelling: This pink eye symptom will make it difficult for you to open your eyes. This is because your upper and lower eyelids are severely swollen. At its worst, you can’t open your eye at all!

Difficulty seeing: All the pink eye symptoms are responsible for you not being able to see clearly: the mucus blurs your vision and your swollen eyelids are nearly closed. Even the pain from having a pink eye can affect your vision; it’s painful to move your eyes.

Sensitivity to light: A pink eye will make your eye extremely sensitive to light. It’s highly advised that you wear sunglasses if you’re going outside in the sun or any lighted area.

Please remember that the pink eye can be very contagious. Thus, wash your hands regularly and avoid touching your eye as much as possible.

And most importantly, if you’re experiencing any or all of these pink eye symptoms, visit your doctor immediately. He or she may prescribe antibiotics such as eye drops to heal your infected eye. Still, you can read our older article about 4 natural ways to get rid of pink eye for more information.

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