Artificial Pancreas For Type 1 Diabetes Treatment

Artificial pancreas will be created by diabetes scientists with insulin pump manufacturer, Animas.

The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) chose Johnson & Johnson unit to develop and try the new technologies, namely “pump and control system for type 1 diabetes”.

“This will be a research and development for the first stage towards to create artificial pancreas,” Henry Anhalt, director of medical affairs of Animas said. (Reuters- Maggie Fox)

Animas will work with the foundation to creates a combination of recording devices of glucose, insulin pumps, and some wireless technology software. The new system will facilitate people with diabetes to check their blood sugar level and injecting insulin.

The goal is to create tool that can check the blood sugar level at any time and injecting insulin when needed, without the help of others. This means that the artificial pancreas technology in the future will become one package.

“Here in lies the magical power, when artificial pancreas is able to communicate with each other. Now artificial pancreas is already available but still separated, “said Alan Lewis, chief executive officer and president of the JDRF.

“Animas will provide the equipment while JDRF will be a partner that uses our knowledge and expertise, “said Alan Lewis.

Artificial Pancreas For Type 1 Diabetes Treatment

So when artificial pancreas comes to be a solution of your type 1 diabetes, what you need to know about it?

The foundation already spends eight million dollars for the next three years for artificial pancreas project. The goal is to have the first generation technology of artificial pancreas that can be evaluated during the next four years.

Type-1 diabetes is “autoimune” disease, the body’s immune system destroying the pancreas cells that produce insulin so the body is no longer able to dissolve and use the sugar. If not treated, it will damage the blood vessels and nerves, organs, and eventually type 1 diabetes patient will died.

In fact, even treated, the blood vessels and damaged organs are still remain, blindness, kidney failure, and even loss of limbs. In United States (U.S.) only are estimated 3 million people, average children and adolescents was suffer for diabetes type-1.

“This could be a first aid that not only improve glucose control but also lift the entire problem,” said Aaron Kowalsky from JDRF.

Unfortunately the software that regulates insulin pumps and blood sugar are not completely works well. Animas and JDRF will work together to find the best formula for it.

“No single algorithm was consistent with the symptoms of the patient,” said Anhallt, child pancreas organs specialist.

According to Lewis, DexCom Inc which creates glucose control equipment will provide their products to become a part of the artificial pancreas package.

“All parents who have to wake up every night to check their children blood sugar levels will be more relieved that their children are no longer have to going up at night because their blood sugar levels are very low,” Kowalski said, who also suffered from type 1 diabetes.

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Acupuncture For Diabetes Therapy – Is It Working?

Acupuncture therapy is commonly known in China and already used as Diabetes Mellitus Therapy. In 1994, Chen and his partner conduct acupuncture therapy research on 60 Diabetes Mellitus patients. A number of these patients have almost the same criteria, both in clinical symptoms and lab tests results (blood sugar tests and urine).

60 patients are divided in two randomized groups, respectively (38 patient) for the treatment group and the rest (22) was for the control group. Both groups have the same diet during the experiment. The treatment group was given acupuncture treatment at the point LI-11, Sp-6, St-36, Bl-20, N-10, CV-4, GV-20, for 30 days respectively.

The result, 25 of 38 patients that treated with acupuncture had a fasting blood glucose = 130mg/dl blood sugar levels while 2 hours after meals 20%.

Hou Al (1993) in his studies using Sp-6 point as a main point plus feishu points (BL-13), sanjiaoshu (BL-22), zuzsanli (ST-36), taixi (KI-3) plus shenshu (BL -23) in 30 patients with diabetes. Each treatment series are done every day for 12 days.

Treating Diabetes with Acupuncture a traditional Chinese medicine

So how can Chinese people using acupuncture to treat a diabetes patient? What is behind this theory?

Needle stabbing done at that point and the needle were allowed to stay for 30 minutes. He gets the best results in younger age patients compared with those obtained in older patients. The criteria that used on this study are the decline in blood sugar becomes normal or nearly normal. To obtain optimal results, Hou Al doing between 2-3 series with 2-3 days rest interval for each series of therapy.

In an experiment conducted by Liu Zhicheng and Sun Fengmin from one college of Nanjing Traditional Chinese Medicine (1994) come to the conclusion that: acupuncture therapy in younger patients have better results when compared with the cases of diabetes in old age patients. Other conclusions are the results will be better therapy in lighter diabetes cases than the heavier cases.

In depth review from few sources of Hui Hu articles (1995), researchers from University Hospital Traditional Chinese Medicine Dongzhimen in Beijing, which summarizes some common points that most used are:

• feishu (BL-13),
• pishu (BL-20),
• shenshu (BL-23),
• zusaanli (St-36),
• sanyinjiao (Sp-6),
• guanyuan (CV-4),
• taixi (KI-3),
• zhongwan (CV-12),
• geshu (BL-17),
• quchi (LI-11),
• hegu (LI-4),
• shenmen (HT-7),
• neiguan (PC-6),
• fuliu (KI-7).

Those acupuncture points has been used both in America and in other countries in this world.

Increasing the number of people with diabetes these days running very fast, and many of them do not realize the seriousness of diabetes mellitus. This is because some people do not feel the emergence of diabetes mellitus symptoms.

There is some common diabetes symptoms in which a person with diabetes problem should consult with their doctor. Especially for people aged more than 45 years, is very important to check their blood glucose levels every year regularly. The reason is why so many people do not know that they have diabetes because they underestimate diabetes symptoms or do not feel the diabetes symptoms.

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Bee Pollen Benefits for Diabetes – What Should You Know?

According to one study, bee pollen diabetes remedies may be helpful. In fact, the researchers suggest that the supplements may be beneficial for patients undergoing various diseases. Here’s a little more about this interesting subject.

The study was conducted at the Department of Food Science and Technology at the Tokyo University of Agriculture. According to the researchers, the real benefits are due primarily to antioxidants.

Antioxidants are nutrients that scavenge free radicals and work to repair damage the radical molecules may have already done. Free radical damage is present in most illnesses, especially those that are seemingly age-related.

Bee Pollen Benefits for Diabetes

How been pollen benefits your diabetes? Read the study below and know the importance of this natural remedy way.

After testing the antioxidant activity, the Japanese researchers concluded that the supplements would be of benefit to people with cancer, heart disease and high blood pressure, as well as for diabetics. They also concluded that the supplements were a good item to include in health food diets.

Another study conducted in Bulgaria in 2010 confirmed the antioxidant activity. The researchers said that the supplements have a “remarkable content of polyphenol substances and significant radical-scavenging capacity.” Polyphenols have been the subject of thousands of studies.

They are believed to be the main reason for the health benefits of herbal remedies of all kinds.

Even though these studies may seem to support the claims made by companies selling bee pollen diabetes remedies, it is important to understand that the supplement is not a cure for any disease. Curing diabetics is not that simple. The disease is quite complex.

The term is actually used to refer to several different diseases, all with similar symptoms.Most doctors recommend a combination of dietary and lifestyle changes, along with insulin if the pancreatic cells have been damaged.

There is some evidence that antioxidants can help repair damage done to the insulin-producing cells, but this has only been seen in laboratory settings. No clinical studies have been conducted.

Bee pollen diabetes remedies may increase energy levels and help with appetite control. Polyphenols of all kinds may help to prevent the vascular damage that many diabetics suffer from. Other nutrients are likely to be beneficial, too.

A number of supplements have been created specifically for diabetics. Some of the nutrients typically found in the supplements include chromium, calcium and magnesium. Herbs like green tea, bitter melon and gymnema sylvestre may also be included for the health benefits they provide.

Buying single-ingredient supplements can get very expensive and the combination of single ingredients might not be exactly right. They could cause unwanted side effects.

If you decide to try a bee pollen diabetes remedy, the best type is an encapsulated powder form that has been carefully blended with a variety of enzymes. The enzymes allow the body to digest the nutrients from the pollens. Without the enzymes, many of the nutrients are lost. They never enter the bloodstream.

Many of the supplements on the market contain granules that the manufacturer recommends mixing with tea or water for daily supplementation.

It is unlikely that any of the granules will pass through the intestinal wall and enter the bloodstream. If they are not absorbed into the bloodstream, bee pollen diabetes remedies cannot be beneficial. That’s the bottom line.

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How The DASH Diet Benefits Cardiac Patients

A new study confirms the evidence that was known: the so-called DASH diet – which among other things recommends eating several servings daily of fruits and vegetables and three servings of low-fat dairy – can help maintain good health , especially the heart.

The DASH diet, which is known for more than a decade ago, is a nutritional plan which aims to help reduce and control blood pressure. Hence the name, which corresponds to the initials of Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension, which in Spanish translates as Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension.

what is dash diet and how it can help you

What is dash diet and how it can help you many ways like stop Hypertension.

Much of the success of the DASH diet is because – unlike others – is not extremely restrictive but, on the contrary, includes a variety of foods from all food groups such as fruits, vegetables, lean meats, fish, chicken, low-fat dairy, sugar in small quantities, beans and whole grains and nuts. At the same time , controls the amount of portions you should eat a day (taking into account the necessary nutrients to stay healthy without overdoing the calories ) and includes minor amount of sodium ( salt) and more foods with calcium, magnesium and potassium, which act as diuretics and help the body excrete more salt.

With all the permitted range, there are studies showing how effective it can be the DASH diet to lower blood pressure as well as to prevent osteoporosis, heart disease, stroke (cerebrovascular accident or stroke) and diabetes, and been linked to a decreased risk of developing breast cancer.

Now, a new study has been presented at a meeting of the American Heart Failure Society, held in September in Orlando, United States, adds new evidence that the DASH diet can dramatically lower blood pressure and improve heart health in patients with a common type of heart failure (heart failure ) known as ” diastolic ” happens to more than half of older adults with heart failure. This occurs because the heart hardens and can not pump enough blood.

For this study, the researchers asked the participants ( most of them between 60 and 70 years old) to follow a stricter version of the DASH diet called DASH -Sodium, further reducing the amount of salt accepted in the feed. To do this, the volunteers agreed to follow this diet and eat only foods that are prepared following this goal in Clinical Research Unit of the University of Michigan, which did not exceed 1,150 milligrams ( mg ) of sodium per day ( well below the daily sodium intake in the United States, which reaches 4,400 mg in men and 3,300 mg for women).

So , after 21 days of follow up, the researchers found that participants showed a decrease in their blood pressure levels similar to those obtained by taking high blood pressure medicines.

Remember that blood pressure is measured in millimeters of mercury ( mm Hg ), obtaining two numbers: the systolic pressure, represents the pressure generated when the heart pumps blood to the body (the first number ) and the diastolic pressure, which is the pressure exerted on the blood vessels between heartbeats (the second number ) .

It is considered that (or blood pressure) blood pressure is normal when the systolic pressure is less than 120 mm Hg and diastolic less than 80 mm Hg. People with systolic pressure between 120 and 139 or diastolic pressure between 80 and 89 have pre – hypertension. When the systolic pressure is greater than 140 and diastolic is greater than 90, it is hypertension or high blood pressure and it is important to do something to control it.

This is because high blood pressure can cause damage to various organs such as the brain, eyes, heart and kidneys, in addition to arteries throughout the body. And if you have high blood pressure that has not been diagnosed or if you do not control it properly, you’re at greater risk of having a heart attack, stroke or kidney failure.

To control it , your doctor may prescribe medicines that surely must be accompanied with a proper diet. Now you know, the DASH diet is varied and can help you with this goal. Be sure to talk with your doctor about this option, so I can tell you the correct way to modify your diet according to your health condition.

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