How to Get Rid of Nose Hair for Good

Many of us are wondering how to get rid of nose hair, but few actually sit down and realize what role does the nose hair have in the first place when it comes to our body. First of all, the nose hair is there for a reason, and that is to protect our lungs. Yes, since our nose is created with the sole purpose of helping us get air from the outside world, the nose hair does have its own fair share of benefits. The main one comes from the fact that it stops dust or debris from entering our lungs, which might cause a bad state or even damage our nostrils, if not even more. There are a few ways you can remove your nose hair, although they differ based on the materials you need to use and their cost.

3 ways to get rid of your nose hair for good looking, do u know these?

Use a trimmer to remove your nose hair is easy and accepted by most women. But how about the other ways? Do you know them?

Using a trimmer

This solution doesn’t offer a permanent stop to nose hair growth, but for quite a long time you won’t have to deal with nose hair at all. The first step here is to get a nose trimmer. Nose trimmers are different than the normal trimmers, as they have a different shape and the usage power is limited, mainly to make sure that the person using it won’t damage himself/herself. These are in two different styles, which are either oscillating blade or rotary, which is quite cool. Each one has its own ups and downs, so try to choose the one you like the most.

The next step requires you to use a mirror in order to guide the trimmer into the nostril. A mirror is necessary in this regard, because through it you can make sure that the operation is done the proper way and with complete results, as this is the most important thing in the end. You will need to repeat this particular operation as many times as you need, until you remove all the nose hair you want. Once that is done, you will need to blow your nose lightly into a tissue, as this will help you catch any trimmings and thus complete the removal process in an efficient manner.


Waxing is another option. This particular method is a little more complicated that the one displayed above because you need to use wax, which just makes it a lot more painful.

In order to perform this particular hair nose removal method, you need to apply some wax that you either purchased or created on your own on the applicator, then insert it into the nostril. The main idea here is that you need to wait at least for around 90 seconds in order for the was to do its job, then grab it out. This method is very good as it removes the hair nose quite fast, in fact you will be able to breathe better and a lot more relaxed in the end, which is really cool.

Removing nose hair can prove to be quite a hassle sometimes though if you use wax, and this is why you need to pay extra attention when you are inserting the applicator in the nostrils, because you can easily cause damage to your skin and tissues. Even more attention needs to be placed in the way you remove the applicator after the process has been completed, because you do fear to damage the tissues and the overall region as well.

Waxing the inside of your nose might not be a good idea because you will remove the protection we mentioned in the beginning of the article, but in the end it’s up to you. This will provide you with that stellar, exciting and dominating look that you do want to achieve, especially when you are at the workplace for example. Getting rid of the nose hair is very interesting and with the help of wax you can do that fairly easily, although you do need to pay a lot of attention during the procedure, as this is critical.

Laser removal

Laser treatments is by far the most efficient and permanent way to perform this procedure, but there are a few downsides coming with it however. First of all, you need to pay extra attention to the person that works with you, as it has to be a professional dermatologist certified in this field of work. Alongside that, it needs to have professional laser equipment that will help you get the job done easily!

Most of the time, in order to remove nose hair properly, specialists are using certain lasers that have spot sizes. These can have a designated area which can be either very large or small, depending on the situation and the nose type that each person has. Based on that, the professional inserts this device in the nose, and the laser will start removing the hair. Then, it will just be a case of sneezing for a little while until you get the nose hair out in an efficient and reliable manner. This is all that needs to be done during a laser nose hair removal. It’s a very interesting and professional process to go through, but the simple fact that you will remove the nose hair for good does come with its own downsides. Still, if you need such a procedure, using laser removal is a stellar method to do it.

In conclusion, you have multiple methods that you can use in order to remove the nose hair efficiently. All the methods displayed in this article bring you a great way to treat this problem, but if you want a good and permanent solution in this regard, then using spot size lasers is the fastest one out there. No nose hair can dramatically improve the way you look, so do adhere to such a solution if you want to improve your looks.

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