How to Treat an Infected Eyelash – Easy Care Tips For You

Your eyelashes are what a windscreen is to your car. Your car windscreen has wiper which wipes and cleans it as you drive. It protects you from the vagaries of weather. In the event that it was removed, you may not be able to drive properly. You eyelashes protect your eye from wind and dust particles. They filter the air entering your eye. You eyelashes help you to close your eyes properly. Not only that, they make your eyes appealing and sexy. But sometimes, your eyelashes, just like any other parts of the body, may get infected. There is need to identify the infection and treat it as soon as possible.

How to treat an infected eyelash, what tips could u use

In some occasions you eyelash may get infected, what could you do to this? Read on some useful tips below.

Your eye lashes are tufts of curved, strands of fine hair emerging from both the upper and the lower eye lids. Their position at your eye may expose them to infection. As they filter polluted air, water and other bad elements, they may end up harbouring harmful microorganisms which may lodge from within the fine hairs. With the progress of time, the root of the hair making the eyelashes may be infected by harmful microorganism. This can lead to a disease in the eyelashes, thus affecting them.

The eye itself may be infected by a disease such as conjunctivitis, glaucoma among other eye diseases. The eyes could also be infected, discharging on the edges. The discharge may spread over and infect the eyelashes. As a result, the root of the eyelashes may be infected leading to inflammation of the eyelid. This may affect the eyelashes in various ways. First, the eye lashes growth may be hampered by the infection. This may lead to stunted growth and hair loss. The hair strands may start coming out and falling off. As a result, your eyes may be exposed and less protected from dust, strong wind and other foreign bodies.

The falling of the hair results from dying of the roots of the hair due to infection. The infection may also cause itching around the root of the eyelashes. This itching may affect the function of your eyelashes. The various creams that are applied to the face eyes especially by ladies may contain chemicals that may irritate the eyelashes if they come into contact with them. Therefore, you should be able to identify such irritants and keep them away from your eyelashes. Keep your eyelashes clean. Always wash them with soap and plenty of clean water. If possible, comb them to shake off any trapped dead hair, dust particles or foreign objects. Dry them and apply any appropriate cream at will allow them to restore their sheen.

Remember the hair on your eyelashes is alive and actively growing. They need to be nourished with good nutrition. Therefore a healthy, balanced diet is important. Some hair food may also be appropriate for your eyelashes. Treat your eyelashes with appropriate protective creams and jellies. You should also be able to identify any underlying problem with your eyelashes. If the problem cannot be treated using home remedies, it will be prudent to seek further medical treatment to prevent a serious infection.

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