Prevent The Diabetes By Taking Protective Diet Food

Diabetes is a medical condition that affects a significant number of people around the world. Specifically, a person who is a diabetic or is a borderline diabetic is an individual whose pancreas is not functioning as it should.

This means that this major organ in the body is not producing insulin or not enough insulin to help in the breakdown of sugar that is ingested by the body. Therefore, this condition leads to a number of symptoms that ultimately may lead to serious health conditions such as incurring a stroke or heart disease.

Therefore, it is important to know about the two basic types of diabetic conditions and how to prevent acquiring type II diabetes. This can be done through a number of means including a diabetes prevention diet.

diabetes diet foods, what to know about them?

Diabetes patients need to take the right diet foods, what to know about them and the guidelines?

Diabetes Prevention Diet: Overview of Diabetic Conditions

Pancreas is the main organ of a human body which helps in breaking down the sugar quantity and convert the glucose into energy. The process involves the production and secretion of insulin into the blood stream which in turn helps to break down the glucose and convert the sugar into energy. The body cells get energy in turn.

When the pancreas does not produce insulin or not enough insulin then the process is compromised. This in turn allows the buildup of sugar within the bloodstream and therefore causes the individual to become sluggish and fatigued.

There are a number of symptoms associated with a non functioning or less than optimum functioning of the pancreas. Some of those symptoms can include an increased thirst and need for frequent urination, extreme hunger, loss of weight, being tired and blurriness of vision. In addition, if left unchecked, diabetes may lead to blindness and may cause the individual to suffer from a stroke or heart attack.

Diabetes Prevention Diet: Preventative Measures

There are a number of preventive measures that an individual or family can take for their loved one as preventive measures. Those preventative measures could include an exercise program that helps to move the sugar found in the individual cells and adherence to a quality diet.

When it comes to a diabetes prevention diet it is important to note a number of factors regarding this type of preventative measure. Specifically, when considering a diabetes prevention diet, it is important to eat the right foods and to abstain from other types of foods.

If one suffers from even borderline diabetes, he must follow the proper diet. This type of diet is called a borderline diabetes diet and identifies those foods that should and should not be eaten. An individual who is a borderline diabetic is one who generally has a fasting blood sugar level that ranges between 100 to 125 mg/dL.

Therefore, foods that should be eaten when on a diabetes prevention diet are those foods that are high in nutrition, are not empty calories and are foods that are low in fat. Examples of foods that should be eaten as part of a diabetes prevention diet include fruits, vegetables and whole grain products.

Additionally, as part of a diabetes prevention diet, it is important to stay away from unhealthy foods. Those types of foods that should be excluded from a diabetes prevention diet should be animal products and sweets.

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How Chromium Can Prevent Diabetes And Tips To Avoid High Blood Sugar Level

Maybe you’ve heard that chromium works for to lose weight, prevent diabetes, and prevent high cholesterol.

So now what is chromium?

Chromium is a mineral that can be found in many kinds of foods such as broccoli, whole grains, grape juice, beer, nuts, and eggs. Besides from the food, chromium is also available in supplement form.

How chromium supplement do good for your diabetes?

How chromium supplement do good for your diabetes?

What’s Chromium advantage in our body?

In our body, chromium helps the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. The scientists also have examined the idea that the chromium with higher dose than the normal dose that is usually obtained from food, can help to regulate blood sugar levels in people with diabetes and their who have diabetes risk. In addition, the experts also believe, chromium can help for lower cholesterol, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, and even help you to lose weight.

Scientific facts

Several studies already show that chromium supplementation works to control blood sugar levels in people with diabetes and regulate insulin levels in people with metabolic syndrome, or early symptoms of diabetes. Smaller studies also have found that chromium can also lower the cholesterol level and some of them also showed that chromium can increase good cholesterol HDL.

How much chromium we need?

According to Richard Anderson, PhD, chromium researchers from USDA’s Beltsville Human Nutrition Research Center, The use of chromium up to 600 microgram per day is safe. But according to Anderson, the best way is to consume chromium is from a diet rich in chromium and avoiding eating sugary foods.

Tips To Avoid High Blood Sugar Level

There have been many studies that prove the importance of sleep for our health. Recent research states, children who slept than eight hours a day have the increasing risk of blood sugar or pre-diabetes condition.

tips to control your high blood sugar

This was said by Dr. Zhijie Yu of Chinese Academy of Sciences in Shanghai. Dr. Zhijie Yu said the lack of sleep will affect blood sugar, beside other factors such as age, gender, diet, physical activity, weight loss, and illness.

In this research, Yu and his team examined the link between sleep duration and blood sugar levels in 619 obese children and 617 non obese children aged 3-6 years that have no blood sugar problems.

From the results of interviews with the parents found the difference between child’s bedtime and non obese and obese child. Children with ideal body weight have average sleep time eight hours or more.

Meanwhile, blood sugar levels are high (135 mg/dl) was found in children who having lack of sleeping time, either in children with obesity problem or non obese child. In comparison, 110 mg/dl was categorized into pre diabetic and 126 mg/dl is diabetes.

According to Yu, as well as in adults, in children also found benefits enough sleeping time in maintaining blood sugar levels steady. The results of this research are published in the Archieves of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine.

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A Diabetic Seizure: Do You Know The Symptoms?

A diabetes seizure happens because of high blood sugar levels or hypoglycemia. When this occurs the brain gets mixed signals, causing a seizure. Both of these conditions can cause seizure, convulsion, coma, and even death.

For the diabetic, or their family, knowing the symptoms of a diabetic seizure is imperative because these seizures are more common than most people realize.

Seizures in diabetics are one of the lesser known complications of diabetes. Since it is so serious, anyone who has diabetes or who has anyone in their family who is diabetic should be aware of the symptoms.

Seizures is dangerous, you should know the signs and take precautions ASAP.

Seizures is dangerous, you should know the signs and take precautions ASAP.

The symptoms for other forms of seizures are much the same as those of a diabetes seizure. The difference is…those blood sugar irregularities that caused the seizure can also cause the diabetic to lapse into a coma.

It is vital to understand that not all diabetes seizures are the same. Some can appear much like a grand mal seizure (or, tonic seizure) where the person may cry out, lose consciousness and fall to the ground, and convulse. This is the type of seizure that the majority of us are familiar with.

When a person is experiencing a complex partial seizure he may appear confused or dazed and will not be able to respond to questions or direction

Another type is less obvious. The only clue that a person may be experiencing an absence (petit mal) seizure is rapid blinking or a few seconds of staring into space.

Convulsions and seizures that happen during the night are caused by ‘nighttime hypoglycemia.’ The blood sugar levels can drop anytime during the night typically around 3 a.m.

These seizures happen at night making it hard to know if a seizure happened. The only clues that a nighttime seizure occurred would be waking up in the morning with damp sheets from a night sweat and suffering from a headache. The morning blood glucose level would be high. This is called a ‘rebound’.

Some of the symptoms are not that much different than those displayed when a person is intoxicated. Mistaking a diabetic who is having a seizure with a person who is drunk could lead to tragic consequences. A person suffering a seizure needs immediate medical treatment not being treated for being drunk.

Two of the signs that are often mistaken for intoxication are slurred speech and lack of coordination.

Other less apparent symptoms of a diabetes seizure may be as faint as staring into space or rapid blinking.

A person experiencing a seizure may be fully awake and alert but may not be aware of the surroundings and may even appear disoriented. He may experience memory loss.

Sometimes when person is having a seizure he may smell orders or sees bright lights that aren’t there.

The person will often act in a act that is different than normal. He may complain of loss of sensation or numbness and tingling.

The length of time a seizure lasts may appear to be differ. Some may last just a few minutes or others can last until medical help arrives.

Of course, experiencing these things does not always mean that a seizure had happened but it does mean that the diabetes was not being managed.

Not all diabetics will have a seizure but if their diabetes is not in control they run the risk of experiencing one.

It is a frightening experience whether we suffer a seizure or one of our family does. Since these seizures can be because of the diabetes not being in control, every effort should be made to manage the diabetes. That way, not only a diabetic seizure can be avoided but other complications of diabetes as well.

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Juvenile Diabetes And Noni Juice – Can It Be a Natural Treatment Way?

Diabetes is always associated with parental illness. Apparently, the term is no longer valid anymore, because now diabetes can also attack the children that mostly known as juvenile diabetes.

The difference with diabetes in adults, children with diabetes caused by low insulin products or even can not produce insulin by the pancreas, which required insulin intake (Diabetes Mellitus type 1).

From an epidemiologic data, the peak age of diabetes occurrence in children are aged five to seven years and by teenagers. Most patients of diabetes in children showed clinical or classic symptoms, namely:

• polydipsia (frequent or rapid thirst),
• polifagia (quickly feel hungry),
• poliura (frequent urination),
• weight loss in the last three months.

Diabetes is a collection of energy metabolism disorder caused by a lack of insulin in the body. Insulin is needed to convert food into energy to support body activity.

Type 1 DM requires lifelong treatment, compliance, and regular treatment is the key. Ordering food in a child with diabetes aims to keep the blood sugar levels to normal or near normal level. In addition, provision should be in adequate number of calories for basal metabolism, growth, puberty or according to child activities.

Recommended calorie needs as many as 40 to 50 percent of which comes from carbohydrates, 30 percent fat, and 20 percent protein. One key to success is the regularity of diet feeding and diabetes management.

Diet for diabetes child is just the same as other normal children diet, three main meals and two time snack. The only difference is the food and fruit combination. For example, in a plate of food should avoid the combination of two dishes of carbohydrate sources.

Also avoid simple carbohydrates sources such as sugar, candy, soft drink, ice cream, and snack foods with high sugar levels. Meanwhile, fruits high sugar content can be consumed in small piece or approximately 60 grams, and with less frequency.

Familiarize diabetes children with regular life pattern the blood sugar levels expected can be controlled and to avoid hypoglycemia complications. Because when it happened hypoglycemia can cause abnormalities in the brain.

Parents who have children with diabetes are advised to consult with a nutritionist to find the source of food groups that fit with child with diabetes and how to processing the food.

Exercise is recommended for children with diabetes because exercise can help body’s metabolism, thus reducing insulin requirements and monitor the exercise to decrease the possibility of hypoglycemia.

how wild noni fruit juice can prevent diabetes?

How wild Noni fruit juice can prevent diabetes?

NONI Juice is a pure juice from Noni fruit that grows wild on French Polynesia islands (Tahiti) without harmful chemicals and has proven very safe for consumption by all people without negative side effects.

One of Tahitian Noni effects is to the pancreas and immune system. Recent research has shown that Tahitian Noni able to regulate the immune system by improving both of the performance of the system that has worked well or by stimulating components of immune system which is slow to react.

In addition, as mentioned earlier, noni is believed able capable to strengthen and maintain cellular structure. This can be achieved with noni act as adaptogens that will help unhealthy cells to heal themselves.

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Teeth Whitening Tips That Can Actually Help You

Are you tired of hiding your teeth each time you smile? Are you also a regular coffee or tea drinker? Or maybe you smoke a couple of cigarettes per day. For whatever reason, if you’re looking for teeth whitening procedures, your teeth are obviously not as white as you’d like them. Fortunately, there’s a lot of ways you can try to get that white, brilliant teeth you’ve always wanted.

when you want to whitening your teeth, how to do?

When you want to whitening your teeth, what tips you can follow?

The first step used to be the only one, going to the dentist for a special teeth whitening treatment. These treatments can be very costly but are coming down in price thanks to the wide spreading popularity of at home treatments. Bottomline, it is still advisable to visit your dentist religiously so that you wouldn’t have to ask for some teeth whitening.

You can also try to find some simple medicine in your local store that you can apply yourself. However, you have to do your research first and check the product for some dental accreditation before you purchase anything. You might accidentally damage your teeth if the product isn’t right for you.

This is what makes teeth whitening procedures real effective today.There are so many different kinds and brands on the market that it may be difficult to discern between them all, which one works best.

First you must have of course is a toothpaste used for teeth whitening. A lot of famous toothpaste brands like Colgate now actually offer products dedicated to teeth whitening. These products are available in gels or sometimes in pastes or liquids that can whiten your teeth over time. The flaw with this method though is if you continue to use products that are harmful to you, then you may end up permanently discoloring your teeth. You’re basically fighting an uphill battle with these products unless you can stop the cycle.

Apparently the best and most popular products are those little strips that you purchase at your local pharmacy. It is best to apply these strips before you sleep at nights so that they can work overnight and start acting on the parts of your teeth that darken them. There are also strips that you can wear anytime of the day. All of these are just as effective but they might be able make you feel uncomfortable at first.

Bottom line, the suitable procedures greatly varies from person to person. It will all depend on what your teeth are more comfortable with and what makes them beautifully white.

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Bleeding Hemorrhoid Treatment – 3 Ways To Get Rid Of It

Before thinking of any bleeding hemorrhoids treatment appropriate for your condition, you should have a physician correctly diagnose your condition. You have to understand that hemorrhoids is just one of the possible underlying cause of anal bleeding. That is why if you do have hemorrhoids and you are currently experiencing bleeding as one of its symptoms you should immediately have this treated.

This is an important advise because hemorrhoids bleeding can can mask other symptoms of more serious conditions and ailments like colon or rectal cancer. Which makes it even more imperative that you have right treatment right after diagnosis as hemorrhoid bleeding may mask symptoms of more serious conditions.

Hemorrhoid bleeding is terrible, how can you stop it?

Hemorrhoid bleeding is terrible, how can you stop it?

These are some of the options for bleeding treatment:


Hydrocortisone creams can be bought over the counter and is used for external hemorrhoid bleeding. Suppositories are used for internal hemorrhoids though, effects may only occur after a week. Both have anti-inflammatory effect and are used to reduce hemorrhoids symptoms such as itching, swelling, pain and bleeding.


Surgery is sometimes required for excessive hemorrhoid bleeding. There are different types of surgeries employed with bleeding hemorrhoids. One example is banding. In this procedure, a rubber band is placed around the affected vein, thus cutting off its blood supply and causing it to shrink and die.

Another is laser surgery wherein a laser is used to cauterize the vein to stop the bleeding and consequently shrinking the hemorrhoids.

The relatively newer and less invasive procedure, PPH or procedure for prolapse and hemorrhoids is also currently available. For this typeof surgery, the hemorrhoidal tissue is drawn in by a stapling device thus decreasing the blood flow to that hemorrhoid blood vessel. This requires lesser time for the operation to be performed. The patient will experience lesser pain compared to the conventional hemorrhoid surgery and is expected to recover more quickly.

These types of bleeding hemorrhoid treatment surgeries has its advantages and setbacks therefore, it is imperative that you discuss this seriously with your surgeon so you can decide which surgery may be best for you.


Natural remedy must not be totally out of your consideration choosing the best bleeding hemorrhoid treatment. Although its effect may not be immediate as the first two remedies enumerated above, but it is certainly cheaper and has lesser risks than surgery.

Furthermore, you can also employ some natural home remedies to help you immediately deal with the relief of the symptoms of hemorrhoids. Natural anti-inflammatory agents which can be easily procured like garlic can be used to lessen the swelling and other symptoms of hemorrhoids. Or if you do experience severe bleeding, you can apply ice packs to the affected area to constrict the blood vessel thus gradually stopping the bleeding.

You may use one or all of the methods listed above, however, it is best to start with natural interventions first before resorting to surgery.

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McDonalds Food Facts – How Damn Unhealthy It Is?

When it comes to fast food restaurants, McDonalds is king. No matter where a person goes, how big or small the city or town, it is extremely likely that a McDonalds, or two, or three, or four, can be found within just a few miles. But many people wonder, just how bad is McDonalds food, and if it is so bad, then why do so many eat it?

The fact of the matter is all fast food is bad, including and especially McDonalds. The body is built to digest and process natural foods, such as vegetables, fruit, meat, and whole grains. When processed foods are put into the mix, it can cause a whole host of problems, some of which people don’t realize until later in life.

think it before eat it, why fast food like McDonalds is god damn unhealthy?

Think it before eating it, why fast food like McDonald is god damn unhealthy for your body?

There have been several documentaries made that challenge McDonalds ‘healthy’ menu. While the company spends almost $2 billion a year on advertising to promote their image and create the alluring idea that McDonalds is a fun, healthy, and inexpensive way to eat, the truth couldn’t be any more different. McDonalds foods are extremely high in fat. Even those who opt for a salad are consuming a ton of calories, as a result of the bacon, the cheese, the croutons, and the salad dressing.

McDonalds food is also extremely unhealthy as a result of the food additives placed in the food. Yes, they may make the food taste bearable, but they are disastrous for the body. Sugar and sodium are also abundant in many of their food items. While eating at McDonalds once in a while won’t cause any major health issues, the problem with such food is that children begin eating it at an early age and continue doing so throughout their lives. It is continuously eating the types of food prepared at McDonalds restaurants that make it so unhealthy.


Nutritionally, McDonalds has nothing that the body needs or wants, which begs the question: Why eat it? While people should certainly eat foods they enjoy, there is only one reason a person needs to eat, which is to thrive as a healthy human being. If the food, such as what’s available at this particular restaurant, is devoid of all essential nutrients, how could it possibly be healthy or worth eating?

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