Some Common Causes of Yeast Infection You Should Aware

It is a known fact that although yeast infection is not a very serious health issue, but still creates immense pain, irritation and discomfort.

There are several things that can cause yeast infection.

Feeble immunity of our body is the most common cause of yeast infection. The body naturally contains small amount of yeast organism which can grow uncontrollably if the immunity of the body is low and causes yeast infections.

Another reason that causes transmission of the infection is sexual intercourse, where the infected person transmits the disease to the partner. A man or woman displaying active symptoms of vaginal yeast infection or penile yeast infection passes the contagion to the partner.

The best way to cure yeast infection is not catching it at all! Know the reasons why you catch it then to avoid it completely.

The best way to cure yeast infection is not catching it at all! Know the reasons why you catch it then try to avoid it completely.

Itching and discomfort which is commonly accompanied with a white and thick discharge from the vagina is the most widespread symptoms of yeast infection in women. Bacterial vaginosis, a different kind of vaginal infection in women has unlike causes which are not related to yeast infection and needs to be treated differently.

In men common symptoms of yeast infection are seen on the genitals. They include irritation, itching, red patchy sores and even discharge in some cases.

The mother can potentially transmit the yeast infection to the newly born baby. An infected mother may transmit the yeast infection to her new born baby while the baby travels down the birth canal.

Oral yeast infection may be transmitted to a new born baby through the mother in the course of breastfeeding. The nipples of the mother must be dry and clean else, oral yeast infection may pass on to the baby.

In a new born infant, the indications of Oral Candidias are much more prominent. These symptoms usually appear in the mouth and include thick, white or cream colored deposits on the sides of the mouth or on the tongue which cause immense uneasiness in infants.

Usually it is difficult to understand whether one is suffering from yeast infection or not, hence knowing about supplementary common causes of the infection will be helpful.

A book written by Dr. William Cook mentions sexual dysfunction, asthma, urinary problems and muscle pain also as some of the associated causes of yeast infection. The book is not supported by scientific findings but provides valuable insight based on case studies regarding causes of yeast infection in men and women.

Nizoral, an antifungal cream is easily available in drugstores and can be applied on infected areas to obtain respite from the infection.

Difuclan, a pill which can be taken orally, has also been established as another treatment of the infection. It is capable of curing nearly 90% of the cases.

If you have any doubts regarding certain causes of yeast infection, you should not dither in consulting a doctor and knowing about treatment methods. In order to protect your body from yeast infection, restricting overgrowth of the yeast is the best and most favorable method to avoid the infection. By making yourself aware of common causes leading to the infection you can avoid this exasperating and unsafe infection.

Natural methods of healing yeast infection must be applied to treat your yeast infection naturally and economically. It will also avoid reappearance of the infection.

Most significantly, best practices to prevent yeast infection are to realize the causes of infection. It is also important to recognize and treat the infections in early stage.

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