Victoria Secret Diet And Workout Plan-Whats Good? Whats Bad?

The diet of Victoria’s Secret models

Each Victoria’s Secret top model is slim and has a tonic musculature. Here are the keys to their meal plan and physical training.

The advice of their nutritionist

Guided by their nutritionist, Victoria’s Secret models avoid processed foods and eat only organic fruits and vegetables. Their daily diet contains a lot of protein, to keep their muscle tone and lose only fat when they train. The energy they need comes only from the natural sugar in fruit.

Here is an example of their one-day menu:

  • Breakfast: 2 egg whites with herbs, raw vegetables, fresh cheese cube, cereal with plain yogurt 0% m.g. And fruit.
  • Morning snack: 1 green tea and seasonal fruit.
  • Lunch: mixed salad with chicken or fish, 1 fruit, and 1 light dessert.
  • Afternoon snack: 1 seasonal fruit.
  • Dinner: brown rice dish with sashimi, chicken, fish, or turkey slices with steamed vegetables.

Note: once a week, they allow themselves a ½ cup of sorbet or a square of quality dark chocolate (85% cocoa at least).

Someone tested Victoria’s Secret’s pre-parade model diet. A real torment that put their health at risk…

Protein smoothies, powdered egg whites, quinoa, broccoli and three to four liters of water a day to get the whole thing through. This is an awful diet that Victoria’s Secret angels follow for the nine days before a parade. Two American YouTubers put themselves in the shoes of Adriana Lima, Kendall Jenner or Irina Shayk to test the effectiveness of this formidable diet. But rather than on an haute couture podium, it was at the hospital that the two young women almost met.

Hungry all the time, unable to sleep as their stomachs were hurting, Michelle and Candace also had to go to gym sessions all the more trying as they had an empty stomach. They then went on to the final phase: twelve hours without swallowing anything, not even a drop of water. “This diet is horrible, we wouldn’t recommend it to our worst enemies, it’s not a healthy way to lose weight, models are supposed to represent ordinary people who buy clothes, and no average person can support this diet. This experience has at least confirmed one thing: if the tops earn a lot of money, it is indeed not to offer themselves good meals.

Extend questions:

what happened to victoria’s secret clothing line?

Victoria’s secret discontinued to keep some products line include clothes, accessories, shoes, swimwear, etc. and only concentrate in their popular lingerie category.

Is Victoria secret getting rid of swimwear?


Tailor-made daily training

The Victoria’s Secret team benefits from the advice of a personal coach, who adapts the exercises according to each person’s needs. Most of them do fast stationary cycling, strength training, as well as targeted movements on equipment. Some add sports such as tennis, swimming, mountain biking, or jogging to this program; others have chosen to do exercise dancing and aerobics to burn even more calories.

However, we must remain realistic… Just because we adopt the diet and training of these top models does not necessarily mean we will look like them; genetics plays a vital role in all of this. You’ll also lose weight and stay fit by adapting these tips to your lifestyle.

victoria secret diet and workout plan
Top 5 exercises workout plan which Victoria’s Secret Angels love to practice at home

Below five curve-sculpting exercises are practiced with the minimum of accessories. Perfect to copy them at home, therefore, well warm, armed with a gym mat or furniture support.

1 Candle

To do this exercise, lie on the ground and hang on a fixed bar. Not forgetting to protect the back with a floor mat. Then lift your legs to the candle position and repeat this movement 3 times with 15 repetitions. The hardest thing is not to put your legs on the ground every time you go up!

Working areas: legs, back, abs

2 Plank to push

On a gym mat in the middle of the living room, resting on your elbows, your feet slightly apart: and let’s go for 3 sets of 10 reps inboard position. But it is not simply a question of sheathing; it is necessary to raise the body in the area of the pump using the arms and then to return on the elbows.

Working areas: abs, arms

3 Pool ascents

Whether on a low cabinet or the edge of your sofa, the idea here is to lie on your back, shoulders flat on the floor, and lift the weight of the body on one leg, while the other remains stretched horizontally. The right rhythm: 3 sets of 15 repetitions!

Working areas: buttocks, thighs

4 Knee flexions

The direction the kitchen or dining room: the bust straight, put one foot on a table or other solid support and flex down on the knee. Repeat this exercise 3 times with sets of 10 and do not forget to change your leg. To go even further, grab a ball and make your arms work together.

Working areas: thighs, abs, arms

5 Leg extension

Support yourself on a table or other solid support, extend your arms to make your upper body horizontal and extend your leg to stretch it. Repeat this movement 20 times for 3 series, alternating the leg each time in the middle of the series. It is important to keep your back level and not arched.

Working areas: buttocks, thighs

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